Wilderness Farm Stardew Valley: Full Guide

Stardew Valley boasts of seven different types of farms. These are Hill-top Farm, Forest Farm, Standard Farm, Riverland Farm, Beach Farm, Four Corners Farm and Wilderness Farm. Before beginning the game, you are expected to select a farm from where the game will start.

Whichever farm you choose cannot be changed once the game starts. Each farm has its own unique features which is important to know so you can make an informed decision and pick a farm that suits you. 

Wilderness Farm stardew valley is one of the popular choices in the game. This farm focuses on combat and one of its unique features is that once the sun goes down, monsters begin to spawn on this farm making it more challenging. 

Wilderness farm stardew valley is quite like the Standard Farm in terms of layout. However, it has two large water bodies and a cliff. Both of these factors mean that it doesn’t have a lot of farming area, when compared to the Standard Farm at least. 

How to Use the Wilderness Farm Map

Monster slaying potential of the Wilderness Farm map-

  • The monsters spawn Wilderness Farm after 7 pm including the rare Wilderness Golems. You can easily get your hands on the monster loot using the map to locate the monsters.

Farming Potential of the Wilderness Map

  • Despite the less amount of land as compared to other farms, there is still sufficient land to cultivate crops.

No. of tillable tiles- 2131

No. of non-tillable but buildable tiles- 444

Fishing potential of the Wilderness Farm

  • You have only a 35% chance of catching fish and 65% of catching Trash. 

The Advantages Of The Wilderness Farm


If you choose The Wilderness Farm in stardew valley, these are the advantages you can look forward to having in the game-

An extra challenge 

As we have mentioned before, at night, monsters come out in the farm and these can be all sorts of creatures. This means that after 7 pm, you have to be on your guard because danger can come from anywhere. 

You will need to take precautions like not working outside when the monsters come out, as well as planning your day so that you don’t find yourself at mercy of these creatures, especially if you have Low Health after working all day in the mines. 

The monsters will be easy to tackle in the beginning of the game, but after day 3, you won’t have anything to protect yourself from these creatures. As the level of combat goes up, so will the difficulty level of the game and you will find yourself combating Skeletons, Ghosts, Shadow Brutes and Iridium Bats. Despite the difficulty level, killing these monsters will get you the loot that will make it worth the trouble. 

Appealing visuals

The Wilderness Farm is quite famous for its two large water bodies, lush green hillsides as well as a cliff on the right side of the map. All of these features give it a very unique and asymmetrical layout which is very appealing to the eyes. 

Catch mountain fish

With its large water bodies, this farm is a great place to catch mountain fish without going into the Mountain which is at quite a faraway distance from the farm.



Dangerous monsters spawn at night 

The monsters coming out at night in the farm is one of its unique features that adds an extra level of challenge in the game with danger lurking around at every corner. This challenge also puts this farm at a disadvantage because there are a lot of ways in which you can get hurt. 

For example, if you have been working at the mines for the day and have Low Health in the evenings when the monsters come out, losing your health to a monster will get you a hospital trip and cost you around 1000 gold. If you stay up beyond 2 am and pass out, you might end up losing a few inventory items. 

Not the best place for fishing

While it is a great place to catch Mountain Fish, it is not as successful in fishing as, say, Riverland or Beach Farms. There is a 65% chance of you catching Trash but don’t forget that even Trash comes in handy at times in Stardew Valley. You can recycle trash to get items that carry higher values such as Refined Quartz, cloth or Ore. You can also find items that can be gifted to people there such as Driftwood for Leah or Joja Cola for Sam. 

Fewer farming opportunities

Due to the water bodies and cliffs, farming opportunities in Wilderness Farm are not as plentiful as in other farms. This doesn’t mean that you can’t plant crops but just that there isn’t abundant space for farming. 

 How To Earn Money On The Wilderness Farm

There are a few ways of earning money on wilderness farms. Read on to find out-

  1. Braving the mines

Combat is an essential part of life in Wilderness Farm. As your combat level increases, so will the level of monsters you will face. If you have a higher combat level, you will have more safety in the mines, which means that you can stay in the mines for longer time periods and increase your profits by selling metal bars for cash, or replicating and selling gems or selling monster loot.

  1. Fishing

While you can catch Mountain Fish conveniently in The Wilderness Farm, the chances of you catching other types of fish is quite low. You can get off this farm and fish somewhere else to earn money. 

  1. Cultivate high profit crops

This farm doesn’t have a lot of land for farming so you can use the limited land and time to plant and cultivate high profit crops instead of options that won’t yield much profit. 

Is The Wilderness Farm In Stardew Valley Worth It?

If you like a little extra challenge to the game, you can pick the Wilderness Farm. The fact that mobsters spawn here at night makes it both dangerous and challenging but defeating these monsters will certainly get you worthy profits. 

On the other hand, you can use the Advanced Games Options to get monsters on any farm. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Can you have the Wilderness Farm without monsters?

No, you can’t have the Wilderness Farm without monsters. The monsters are in its default feature, unlike other farms where you can turn it on by going to the Advanced Game Settings. 

2. What is the hardest farm in Stardew Valley?

The Beach farm is the hardest farm in Stardew Valley. It provides quite a few hardcore challenges to the players. 

3. Which farm is best to choose in Stardew Valley?

The four corners farm is the best to choose in Stardew Valley. It provides the players a wide variety of resources and landscapes. 

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