Duggies Stardew Valley: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

We are all fascinated and yet easily scared by monsters, especially those monsters which are known to launch sudden attacks on you from the underground. Yes, you read that right. This is what the Duggies do in the mines in Stardew Valley. 

What Are Duggies In Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley has its fair share of monsters, with exceptional skills. One of these monsters is the Duggies and these are known for attacking people from the underground! They are mobs and usually attack people by popping out from under the ground. Once they have spread terror, they go back into the soil they came out of, leaving a visible hole in the ground. 

Duggies in stardew valley are of three types- regular, dangerous and magma Duggies. 

Now, let us talk about how to kill these Duggies and earn rewards and how to prevent getting attacked by these bug-like monsters.

Where Can You Farm Duggies In Stardew Valley?

When it comes to finding the Duggies, you won’t encounter them all together. The regular Duggies can be found from six to the 29th floors of the Mines. As you progress in the game and activate the Shrine of Challenge or begin the Danger in the Deep Quest, you will start to find the dangerous Duggies, again from the first to 29th floors of the area. 

Magma Duggies are trickier. While they only come when you reach the Volcano Dungeon, they don’t stay confined to a particular floor. You can encounter them anywhere so you need to be on your guard at all times. 

The trick to escaping these attacks by the Duggies is to be on the move at all times. You have to be quicker than them and move before they can attack you and use your sword to prevent their hits. You can also hide in their hole and wait for them to go back. 

What Can You Get From Duggies?

While it is not easy to fight these little buggers and deal with their sudden attacks, when you defeat them, you get rewarded which sweetens the deal a little bit. In the table below are some items listed which teach types of these Duggies might drop when you defeat them-

Regular/Dangerous Duggy PercentageMagma DuggyPercentage
Cherry Bomb25%Cinder Shard15% to 40%
Chewing Stick2%Mega Bomb50%
Diamond1%Tuber Taro50%
Dwarf Scroll I0.5%Once Reached the Bottom of the Mines
Dwarf Scroll IV0.1%Prismatic Shard0.05%
Earth Crystal10%Diamond0.05%
Once Reached the Bottom of the Mines
Prismatic Shard0.05%

What Are The Monster Eradication Goals?


Stardew Valley abounds in monsters of various shapes and sizes, with each having a different power. What you don’t know is that Marlon’s monster guild boasts of a weapon shop and has a list of bounties  and rewards for people who kill these monsters in the game.

Located on the right to the entrance to the mines, near the quarry, the guild remains open from 2 pm to 10 pm daily and has monster eradication goals listed on a board. You can use this list to finish the monsters listed there and earn your rewards. Each monster has a different reward and the list looks like this-

TargetNumber of kills neededReward
Slimes of any color1000Slime Charmer Ring
Void Spirits150Savage Ring
Bats of any type200Vampire Ring
Skeletons50Skeleton mask
Cave Insects125Insect Head
Duggies30Hard Hat
Dust Sprites500Burglar\’s Ring
Rock Crabs60Crabshell Ring
Mummies100Arcane Hat
Pepper Rex50Knight\’s Helmet
Serpents250Napalm Ring
Magma Sprites150Marlon\’s Phone Number

To be successful in these goals, you need to arm yourself suitably and then get to work to look for these monsters and kill them off.

You can find these monsters all over the place, including on certain levels of the mines, in the Calico Desert’s kill caverns as well as in the volcano dungeon on Ginger Island. Once you finish them, you will receive the rewards mentioned in the bounty list.

frequently asked questions

Q1- What is the rarest thing to find in Stardew Valley?

Ans. Some of the rarest things to be found in Stardew Valley include the Prismatic Shard and Galaxy Sword, the Living Hat and a Dinosaur egg. Each of these three items is extremely hard to find and if found, they prove to be a very valuable resource. 

2. What level can you find duggies in Stardew Valley?

Ans. Duggies in stardew valley are of three types- the regular duggies, the dangerous ones, and then, the magma Duggies. While the basic or regular duggies can be found between the 6th and 29th floors of the Mines, the dangerous duggies are encountered on the same floors but once the Shrine of Challenge is activated or you are in Danger in the Deep Quest. Magma Duggies can be found in the Volcano Dungeon where they have no specific floors and can appear anywhere 

3. Which is the strongest monster in Stardew Valley?

Some of the strongest monsters in Stardew Valley, which prove very hard to kill are the Iridium Bat, Serpent, haunted Skull, Pepper rex, and Slimes. 

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