20 Stardew Valley Portrait Mod: Unbelievably Growth Your Game

Stardew portrait mod in the stardew valley provide great makeovers to your character as well as the NPCs of pelican town. Giving your character an update with a makeover not only makes the game more interesting for you, it also prevents you from boredom.

It is almost like giving yourself a makeover in real life considering  how good it makes you feel. Changing mods doesn’t impact the farm buildings, instruments or garages in any way but add an interesting change to your conversations with the NPCs. 

Younger pam, Long Haired Penny and Female Wizard are just a few examples of the numerous portrait mods you can try. Let us discover more about the different mods and add fun to the game.

Discover Captivating Portrait Mods for Every Style

20. Younger Pam


We all love Pam that’s for sure; but we can admit that she looks grumpy all the time. The Younger Pam mod will definitely solve this problem by making her look younger and less grumpy which means we can all feel happy looking at her. 

19. Long Haired Penny


Penny, unlike Pam, is a sweetheart. She’s loved and admired by all. Some might even go out of their way to make her their wife. But you have to admit that her hair makes her look older than her age, so this portrait mod is perfect to mend this little detail.

Install this mod and create your perfect romantic scenario with a luscious haired beauty as the main character and be ready to get lost in her eyes.

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18. Sebastian – New Hair and Moto Jacket


We all love a bad boy, especially one with a good heart and Sebastian is just that. He is a moody rebel, drives bikes and we definitely want more of him.

But his looks don’t work well to bring out his personality. This is where we bring in the New Hair and Moto Jacket portrait mod, with some hot stubble, an even hotter biker jacket that gives Sebastian a mature look so he looks more like a heartthrob that he is. 

17. Saturnspace’s All Villagers Portraits Mod


If you want an upgrade but not go all out, this mod is definitely for you. With this mod, you will get a semi-anime style makeover which will look fresh and cute without bringing in a lot of changes. 

16. Female Wizard


This one is definitely for all the anime fans. This mod changes the original portrait to look like one of those bishojou shows we all watched as kids and had a love hate relationship with. 

15. Plump Abigail Mod


This portrait mod changes the portrait of Abigail to give her a fuller look and matching sprites to go along perfectly with her looks. 

14. DCBurger’s High Res Portrait Mod


There is no way you can miss this portrait mod. It is not only pleasant to look at but also gives high resolution to the portraits which makes it very popular since you look at something similar and yet better looking. 

13. Rikuo’s Character Portrait

If you want to change the portraits of all the villagers, install this mod immediately. You can make all the villagers look good and sweet which basically means you can even make a monster look like a beautiful little angel. This is why this is such a popular mod. 

12. Samantha – Gender Swapped Sam


Use this mod and the village won’t stay the same. This mod helps change the gender of the characters and adds an interesting feel to their character by making it adjust to and reflect their gender. 

11. Refined Abigail and Emily Portraits


Using this mod will only make us more obsessed with Abigail and Emily. Some people have an issue with the way they look so using this mod will make a little changes to their looks such as give them a haircut or change the hair color and leave them looking even better than before. 

10. Dreamburrows Elliot Portrait


Dreamy Elliot is a dreamer. A poet and a romantic, he already rules over many hearts, including ours. Using this mod will make him even more irresistible and dreamy so that no one will be able to stop from falling in love with him instantly. 

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9. Emotive Krobus


Krobus gets easily overlooked by us because he is a monster and is shunned and hated by humans. He doesn’t live a pleasant life and there is a way we can rectify that. By using the Emotive Krobus mod, we can give him some new portraits that show him in a kinder light to the humans such as showing him smiling instead of looking angry. 

8. Dreamlike’s Portraits


This one is another very interesting mod for you to try. This portrait makes your character portraits look more like Final Fantasy so that your Sam might be turned into Cloud Strife and Elliot into Sephiroth. You can use this on Maru, Leah, Haley, Abigail, Penny, Sebastian, Alex, and Harvey as well. 

7. Aging Bachelors / Bachelorettes


Stardew Valley has found something we will never do and that is the secret to staying young forever. Is that fair? No! So here’s what you can do.

By using the Aging Bachelors/Bachelorettes mod, you can make the characters look older than they are. Also, when you are married, you can decide when the villagers should age which gives you immense power over them. 

6. Kal’s Marriage Candidates Portraits


You will definitely come into contact with the marriage candidates considering how big marriage is in Stardew Valley. This mod works towards improving the looks of any candidate you choose so that they end up looking great while still looking realistic. 

5. Gold Star Portrait Overhaul


This is another mod that brings bout change but without disrupting the original artistic vision in any way. Using the Gold Star Portrait Overhaul means you remain truthful to the game and its characters and yet bring about a subtle freshness in them that brings a change without bring a change if you know what I mean. 

4. Einari’s Portraits Mod – All Villagers


This portrait mod gives the original portraits a redesigned twist that makes them look amazing. They add slight changes, adding minute anime effects, so that the portraits look more cartoon-like which adds an exciting element to the game. 

3. Villagers Anime Portrait


If you are an anime fan, you can’t miss out on this anime inspired mod, because it might just become your favorite. This mod adds a Japanese animation element to the portraits and you can choose from a  variety of anime styles and pick out the one that suits you the best. 

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2. Character Portrait Overhauls


This mod works towards making the existing character look the best versions of themselves without bringing any extraordinary change in them. This means that it doesn’t take away from the spirit of the original character portraits. 

This mod works great for characters of any age group, which means it can be enjoyed by all, making it one of the most loved mods. 

1. Leyalluna’s Portraits


The Leyalluna’s Portraits mod is a very special one. Not just because it renews all the NPCs\’ portraits but also brings out seasonal portraits and new character sprites for them all, which means it gives the game a whole new look. 

Frequently asked questions

Ques1- What size is the Stardew Valley portrait?

Ans. The stardew valley portrait has a 128×128 pixels resolution with 52 colors. 

Ques2- Is modding Stardew Valley safe?

Ans. Yes, it is safe and installed with your game and it can be uninstalled at any time. 

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