How To Make Tree In Little Alchemy 2: Full Guide (2023)

You can make a Tree in Little Alchemy 2 after mixing big, nest, container, plant, and wood. These are a mid-game item in Little Alchemy 2.

In order to make players in the game you will need to make almost 25 other items in the game. So, before you know how to make a tree in Little Alchemy 2, you must know the elements that are needed to make the difference.

With a instruction, it is best to learn about the techniques about how to make a tree so that you can get trees for yourself. Hence to make a tree you will have to first plant a seed and then let it grow on the earth. This will help you with the right TREE that you get to grow.

Since the tree is made up of a plant, the plant requires a variety of other elements to thrive on the earth. In the game of Little Alchemy 2, you must combine four basic elements with one large element to create the tree.

Another way to make a tree is to prepare a mixture of the Plant and Big elements. 

Three Methods To Create An Alchemy Tree

There are three different ways in total about how you can make alchemy tree in the game. 

Nest + ContainerTREE
Big+ PlantTREE
Plant+ WoodTREE

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Guidelines About How You Can Make A Tree  


Making a little alchemy tree might take time, but it is important that you should have the elements ready at your hand with which you can mix the ingredients to make a complete TREE.  

  • Pressure is created by the combination of air and air.
  • Stone is formed by Earth and Pressure.
  • Land will be formed by the union of Earth and Earth.
  • Land and Land will combine to form a Continent.
  • Then, combine two Continents to form Planet.
  • Atmosphere is created when air and the planet combine.
  • Clouds are formed by the interaction of water and atmosphere.
  • Energy is created when fire and fire are combined
  • Lightning will be created by combining energy and the cloud.
  • Puddles are formed by the combination of water and water.
  • Lake is created by combining Puddle and another Puddle.
  • Life will be formed by the union of Lightning and Lake.
  • Soil and Animal are formed when Life and Land combine.
  • Mud is formed when water and earth are combined.
  • Clay is created by combining Mud and Stone.
  • Life plus Clay equals to Human
  • Tool is formed by combining Human and Stone
  • Domestication will occur between a human and an animal
  • Domestication and a bird will result in a chicken
  • Philosophy will be made from Chicken and Egg
  • Making Big with Planet and Philosophy
  • Rain is formed by clouds and pressure
  • Plants are created by rain and soil

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Here Are The Recipes Which Are Needed To Make Tree In Little Alchemy 2

  • Before you learn about how to make Christmas tree little alchemy, you must know the elements. You must mix light bulb+ tree, star+ tree to get Trees.                         
  • You can also add a tree with blade, bleach and manatee to give rise to a Sap and then a Plant. Once you mix plants with Big you will get a Tree. 
          Recipe           Ingredients
AshTree + Fire
BeehiveTree + Bee
Bonsai TreeTree + PotteryTree + ScissorsTree + SmallTree + Wire
CactusTree + Desert Tree + Sand
Carbon DioxideTree + Night
CharcoalTree + Fire
Christmas TreeTree + Candle Tree + Gift Tree + Light Tree + Light Bulb Tree + Star
CoralTree + Ocean Tree + Sea
DamTree + Beaver
DewTree + Dawn Tree + Fog
Family TreeTree + Family Tree + Village
ForestTree + Container Tree + Earth Tree + Land Tree + Plant Tree + Tree
FruitTree + Farmer Tree + Flower
Fruit TreeTree + Fruit
GreenhouseTree + Aquarium Tree + Glass
LeafTree + Wind
LumberjackTree + Human
MonkeyTree + Animal
NestTree + Bird Tree + Egg
NutsTree + Domestication Tree + Farmer Tree + Field
OasisTree + Desert
OrchardTree + Fruit Tree
OxygenTree + Carbon Dioxide Tree + Sun
PalmTree + Beach Tree + Island
PlantTree + Small
SapTree + Blade
SlothTree + Manatee
SmokeTree + Fire
SquirrelTree + Mouse
SwampTree + Lake Tree + Mud
TreehouseTree + House Tree + Wood
WoodTree + Axe Tree + Chainsaw Tree + Lumberjack Tree + Sword Tree + Tool
WoodpeckerTree + Bird

Tree Walkthrough In Little Alchemy 2


  • air + water = rain.
  • earth + fire = lava.
  • earth + rain = plant.
  • air + lava = stone.
  • air + stone = sand.
  • fire + sand = glass.
  • glass + sand = time.
  • plant + time = tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you make small little Alchemy 2?

Ans1. You can create it through these mixtures (bacteria + philosophy), (oxygen+philosophy), (pebble+philosophy), (rivulet+philosophy), (ant+philosophy), (spider+philosophy). 

Q1. How do you make a big Plant in Little Alchemy 2?

Ans2. In the game of Little Alchemy 2, you can go for these combinations to get a big plant in Little Alchemy 2. (tree+small), (water+seed),(soil+seed),(seed+land), (earth+seed), (grass+big), (algae+land), (earth+algae). 

Q3. How do you make trees with a little alchemy?

Ans3. With little alchemy you can mix wild animal, night, bee, family, pottery, scissors, beaver, bird, desert, fire, fruit, beach, isle to get a tree as an element.

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