Squid Kid Stardew Valley- Best Fighting Guide

If you have ever played Stardew Valley, you will have encountered the Squid Kids in one of the games later on. While you will not find these in the earlier challenges, once you reach the mines, you will encounter these squid kids there waiting to follow and attack you so that you get out of the game. 

Finding Squid Kid In Stardew Valley


Squid kids are one of the enemies that you will find while navigating the mines. Both the traditional and the dangerous versions of the Squid Kid will be lurking in the mines and both will attack you immediately after seeing you enter the mines.

While the traditional one will try to follow you and use fireballs to kill you in the game, the dangerous one will only enter the game once you reach the Danger in the Deep quest or activate the Shrine of Challenge.

These squid kids will be found between the 81 and 119 mine levels. They can be recognised with their red eyes and will try their best to get you out of the game. 

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How to defeat the Squid Kid in \’Stardew Valley.’

While their presence adds a little extra challenge in the game, these squid kids are not that hard to get rid of. While they follow you around the mines and shoot you with fireball, you can easily use their weakness of following you against them. 

For the traditional squid kid, you can simply get rid of it by smacking it with any weapon. As long as you hit it directly, it will lose its one life. 

The challenge for you arises in hitting the squid kids while deflecting the fireballs they will be throwing at you because one hit of these fireballs and you will lose your life. A way to get out of this situation alive is to dodge the fireballs while using slingshots from a distance and defeat the squid kids without going near them. 

It might seem like a difficult task but rest assured, the rewards will be worth it.

Dangerous Squid Kid Variation

The dangerous squid kid is activated when you decide to do the Danger in the Deep quest or the Shrine of Challenge. 

This version can also be found in the mines but is a little bit more challenging than the traditional squid kid. 

While defeating this formidable enemy, you will need to fight harder than the traditional squid kid, which means that hitting it once will not suffice. You will need to put in more effort and get in more hits before you get rid of this enemy and come out victorious. 

Frequently asked questions

Ques1- What is the best floor for Squid Kid in Stardew Valley?

The mines are the best place to look for squid kids. 

Ques2- What level can I find the Squid Kid?

You will be able to find the squid kid between the levels 81 and 119 of the mines.

Ques3- What is the easiest way to get squid ink Stardew?

Squid ink is dropped by the squids in the mines. It can also be found in fish pods where it is produced by the squid kids. 

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