All You Need To Know About Jodi Stardew Of Stardew Valley

Jodi is a resident of Stardew Valley\’s village. She is Kent\’s wife and the mother of Sam and Vincent. Jodi balances her everyday chores, which include cleaning, shopping, and cooking. She wishes she could spend more time outside of the house, but she is in control when her husband is gone.

Know More About Jodi\’s Friends And Family Sam and Vincent are the couple\’s two sons; Jodi is married to Kent. Jodi will add that Caroline is her best friend and that she can confide in her about everything. Along with some of the other women from Pelican Town, they also go to workout courses.


After Ginger Island\’s Beach Resort is opened, Jodi might haphazardly spend the day there. Jodi will depart the Island at 6 p.m. and head straight home to get some sleep. On Festival days or the day she goes to Harvey\’s Clinic for her exam, Jodi never comes to the Resort.

On the day of Vincent\’s checkup, she also won\’t go to the resort. Jodi\’s schedules are displayed below, ranked from top to lowest for each season. For instance, that timetable takes precedence over all others if it is raining.


MONDAY, Wednesday, Friday

9.00 am  In kitchen
11.00 amSits in living room
1.30 pmLeaves and goes to Town square
4.00pmLeaves and heads back home
4.30 pmGoes back to kitchen
7.00 pmGoes in living room
9.00 pmPuts vincent to bed
10.00 pmHeads to bed with kent

Tuesday, Saturday

9.00 amIn her kitchen
10.10 amLeaves her house to head to Pierre\’s General store
11.00 amEnters general store
11.30 amMeets Caroline, Robin and friends and starts exercising with them.
1.00 pmStands at the back of the store near the fireplace chatting with caroline and robin.
4.00pmExites Perriere\’s to head home
6.20 pmEnters home
7.10 pmPuts Vincent to bed
9.10 pmLeaves Vincent\’s room to head to her bedroom
10.00 pmEnters own bedroom and goes to sleep.

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Some Of Jodi\’s Favourite Things In Stardew valley

One on her birthday), which may either strengthen or weaken your bond with her. Gifts given to her on her birthday will have an 8 effect and display a distinctive dialogue. Jodi\’s response to items she loves or appreciates is, \”A birthday gift? You are really wonderful, thank you! It\’s fantastic.\”You were mindful of my birthday! Many thanks. I love this.

Jodi will respond with, \”Oh, a birthday gift! I\’m grateful.

Jodi will comment on unwanted or hated presents with, \”Oh… It\’s for my birthday? … Thanks.”

\”Oh, you\’re such a sweetheart! \” I adore this so much.

Gifts That Jodi Loves:


The best gifts to offer Jodi to deepen your relationship are those.

Eggplant, Parmesan Fried Eel Pancakes, Crispy Bass and Chocolate Cake

Vegetable medley,  with rhubarb pie, Prism shard and Rabbit\’s foot.

Liked Gifts:

Giving Jodi anything else will likely leave her underwhelmed or, in some situations, upset because she prefers the following. If you mistakenly gift him the incorrect thing, your friendship can suffer as a result.

  • All products are artisan-made.
  • Aside from fried eggs, bread, and strange buns, all prepared foods.
  • the exception being the poppy.
  • Every Gem
  • Every Fruit
  • (Not void) Eggs
  • Milk

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Gifts That Jodi dislikes

These are things that Jodi dislikes and won\’t respond well to.

  • all components of construction
  • Bombs
  • home goods
  • Fish and related gear
  • Geodes
  • Seeds
  • farm products
  • Mushrooms
  • Roots
  • Holly Quarts
  • Hazelnut Garlic

Gifts jodi hates

If Jodi hates a gift she will simply say, \”Ugh I hate this\”

These include

  • Daffodils
  • Dandelion
  • Spice Berry

Heart Level:


Jodi may send you a present in the mail if your friendship level is any higher than 0 friendship points. As your connection with Jodi grows, your chances of getting a present in the mail rise.

2 hearts:

At this level, The drawer adjacent to her bed is where the player can enter her chamber once they have two hearts and discover a note from her spouse Kent.

3 hearts:

At this level Jodi will send you recepies in your mail


  • Jodi\’s Request: Jodi will write to you on April 19th asking for a cauliflower. Gold.png350g and 1 friendship heart are the prize.
  • \”Fish Casserole\”: When you and Jodi have amassed four hearts together, she will come to your farm and extend an invitation to dinner, asking you to bring a largemouth bass. Other than a cutscene, there is no reward.
  • Outside Pierre\’s General Store, on the \”Help Wanted\” sign, Jodi might haphazardly ask for something. 150 Friendship points and three times the item\’s starting worth are the prize.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you trigger Jodi 10 heart event?
Ans. The player must enable mature events. The second or later year. When the Farmer shows up, Jodi is watering her garden. She says hello and mentions awkwardly that she has to drink water because it\’s so hot.

Q2. Who is the easiest girlfriend in Stardew Valley?
Ans. Leah is the town\’s artist, and despite the fact that her presents from marriage are far from the best, she is by far the easiest person in the community to get along with because she enjoys using foraged goods.

Q3. What is a good gift for Jodi in Stardew Valley?
Ans. Like any girl next door, Jodi loves chocolate 

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