Protecting Against Blooket Bot Spammer

With the advent of online learning systems, students may now access instructional materials from any global location. One such well-known platform that provides engaging, gamified learning opportunities is Blooket.

Blooket has, however, had its share of difficulties, with bot spam being the most persistent. This is true of every online platform. This article examines the problem of Blooket bot spam and the solutions being used to address it.

Blooket Spam Bot in 2023: An Overview


Blooket spam is the practice of flooding Blooket games with phony player accounts using automated programs, sometimes referred to as bots. These bots may quickly enter games, respond to questions, and collect points, interfering with gaming and unfairly affecting competitiveness amongst real players.

Bot spam may have a variety of purposes, from playful pranks to efforts to change game results for one\’s benefit.

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How Can Bots Flood a Blooket Game Session?

Bots can gather during Blooket gaming sessions in a number of ways. Several professional teams, on the other hand, have attempted similar techniques in relation to Blooket bot flooding. You may have faith in these methods.

You, on the other hand, will have no trouble applying these strategies. They will also allow players to send a million bots and access other gaming features. 

Blooket will not terminate accounts, therefore gamers need not be anxious. Instructors, on the other hand, are unable to catch them when they try to spam the game. 

Use GitHub

One of the most popular websites nowadays that provides javascript so that users may modify game elements is GitHub. Participants may also utilize a java script from GitHub to swarm bots during their Blooket gaming sessions. 

The javascript that is offered by GitHub is rather simple to use. It is safe as well. Simple strategies may be used by players to send bots to the Blooket game session. 

Here is the updated Java script for flooding the Blooket game session, as published by GitHub.

  • firstly, open the website 
  • Go to a game session to join.
  • Add the above-said javascript. 
  • Continue to the Blooket Play Lobby.
  • Remove the address bar.
  • Write: ‘javascript:.’
  • Insert the code. Do not use space.
  • Press the enter button.
  • Once you achieve it, you will see a pop-up box. It will ask you to enter the game pin, the name, & the number of bots. 
  • Type them and hit the enter button. 
  • Navigate to the page of the Blooket host.
  • Thus, anybody may flood the game session with bots. 

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Making use of GrantStahr/Booklet-Flooder

Bot flooders are available for various games, including Blooket, Kahoot, & more, on unauthorized websites like Without using any javascript, GrantStah\’r Blooket Bot Flooder enables you to send an endless number of bots to your Blooket gaming session in a matter of seconds.

This Blooket bot flooder needs a Blooket game pin to do the desired objective and only takes a few simple steps. Additionally, it lessens the likelihood that Blooket may ban your account since it is safe to use and untraceable.

  • Go to, choose a quiz, and host it to create a game, Pin.
  • Go to the Replit Blooket bots flooder-V4 and copy the game PIN.
  • When the flooder loads completely, press the arrow or Green Run button,
  • Now, paste the gaming Pin, input the Bot name and number of bots you wish to deploy to your gaming session and push enter.
  • Once you accomplish that, your blanket gaming session will flood with bots; go to the host’s website to verify that.

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