Hoosing The Right Fantasy Football Format: PPR vs Non-PPR

If you are a fantasy football fan, you must have wondered about the topic. Many ppr-vs-non-PPR fantasy football fans like you want to know about the difference between Well, here in this article, we are going to quench your thirst for the answer to this question

PPR (Points Per Reception) and Non-PPR are scoring systems used in fantasy football. PPR awards points for receptions, while Non-PPR does not. The choice depends on personal preference and league dynamics.

The word PPR stands for a point per reception. Therefore the main difference between fantasy football PPR league is, it does not give any additional points for a reception if a player scores a goal in fantasy football.

On the contrary, it gives a full point per reception if a player scores a goal in PPR fantasy football.

There is another thing apart from fantasy football. That is what we call Half PPR. In half PPR fantasy football, if a player scores a goal, then it gives a ½ point for a goal by a player.

Let us go deeper into this!

What Is PPR Fantasy Football

PPR fantasy football league is a points-scoring format game where you have to match up against a different opponent in every single scoring period.


Every player who is in your starting lineup receives points per every reception in PPR or Points Per Reception League.

You can get 1 point in ESPN Standard leagues, while these points can be customized in custom leagues.

What Are PPR Leagues

Have you ever wondered what is PPR league means? PPR or Point Per Reception leagues are a league of fantasy football where you get to add a point per reception placing an emphasis on receiving positions (RB, WR, TE). In PPR leagues, points are given to the player who catches the pass.


PPR vs Non-PPR Fantasy Football

Both the fantasy football leagues are equally popular in the fantasy football league world. But there is a slight difference between these two fantasy football league scoring systems.


You are awarded a point per reception on the basis of the receiving position. But you do not get any point on receptions in the Non-PPR leagues.

These two leagues are named on the basis of this point system. PPR means Point Per reception. When you get points per reception, then is called a PPR league. And when you don’t get any point per reception, then is called a Non-PPR league.

Fantasy Football Strategy In PPR

If you are looking for the method to make the draft of the PPR strategy, this section will definitely help you out.

The best way to draft a strategy is to keep the first two rounds as same as a standard league. Make sure you go back-to-back and running backs. This will help you if a running back falls, he will still get you the top-tier production in the off-the-ground game.

Another way of making a strategy is, once you are done with back-to-back and running backs, go for one of the top two tight ends.

If this position is not available, then pick up a wide receiver.

Try to avoid picking up quarterbacks in early rounds. They don’t add to PPR with their position, so you can leave them in the earlier rounds.

Always think about the position which will give you points. Think a bit, use your grey matter, and pick up positions. This is the master strategy of all time.

Half Point PPR Strategy

If you are trying to figure out what is the best strategy for half-point PPR, this section of the article is surely going to help you.

Before starting, let us warn you that it is not easy to make the draft for your strategy.


Even the most successful and experienced fantasy players get confused while making their draft on draft day.

We are giving a clear-cut idea about making the strategy based on a 12 team table.

Take a close look at the table below.

RD 1RD 2RD 3Proj. FP/WkFreq.

How Does The Data Calculation Process Work

In order to calculate the best strategies for every single draft position, we projected the fantasy points of more than thousands of teams that were drafted in our public mock drafts at first.

Then as the second step, we grouped the teams depending on the position they drafted in rounds 1, 2, and 3 respectively. Then we figured the average projected fantasy points per week for every single positional strategy.

As the last step, we sorted all of them by how many projected fantasy points is expected to score by every single positional draft strategy. The table we gave above shows the positional strategy expected to score the most fantasy points every week this year at the top row in the table, which is 97.0.

In the frequency column, you can check how many times people have used that strategy in public mock drafts.

But remember, we strongly recommend not to go into your draft with just one draft strategy which you strongly feel will work for you. Be flexible to adapt what values fall to you in your particular draft. You can use this method too for better results.

What Is PPR Draft?

You are allowed to compete against your friends by having real-life football players in your fantasy team in the fantasy football league.

You can get those players on your squad by drafting them or trading for them with other users. The way to play the fantasy football league is to score more points than the person you are going up against every week.


Every player you put on your draft earns points for you. These points are added based on how they play in the real game. But the point structure can be different for each play. Touchdowns, field goals, interceptions, safeties and sacks can have a different value from each other.

It depends on the league and the point system you are playing. People usually draft their players depending on the league’s individual rules.

People usually draft their players depending on the league’s individual rules.

In a PPR draft, you get a point when a player on your draft catches the ball every time. That is important in PPR drafts. You have to be very careful while choosing your squad in the PPR draft, because not players of every position receive the ball equally in the actual game.

Is PPR or Standard Better?

Nowadays, PPR scoring is becoming more popular than standard scoring. Perhaps players of fantasy football leagues are thinking that playing standard scoring league is really a bad option. There is an option of scoring way more in PPR than in standard leagues because, in PPR, you get the chance to get a point every time a player of your squad receives the ball.

But some people don’t think that PPR is a realistic game. They say, receptions don’t award anything to the team value, whereas yards or touchdowns do.

Whatever the standpoint is, PPR leagues are very much in trend now than standard leagues. This is a matter of fact.

What PPR Means?

In fantasy football league, PPR means Point Per Reception. That means, if you choose a player in your squad, then you will make a point every time that player receives the ball. This is the basic system of PPR fantasy football.

What Is Better PPR Or Half PPR?

To answer that question, PPR obviously gives you higher scoring. PPR is more focused on how many times a player receives the ball, while half PPR tries to maintain a balance between receiving and other plays.

It will be partiality to flag anyone between PPR and half PPR. It depends on completely the player and the scoring system the player is comfortable with. Not all players are comfortable with every method. Some like to go with the Point Per reception method, while others would like to go with the standard method.

Don’t hesitate to choose the method you like, don’t think too much about which one you are playing, PPR or half PPR.


  • What is the point of PPR?

PPR or Points Per Reception is the scoring format that all Apex leagues use. A full point is given each time a player receives the ball in the PPR fantasy football league.

  • How do I know if I am in a PPR league?

Open the home page of the league. Then go to League > Scoring and Settings. Try to find if there is a value for receptions. If you find the value, then you are in a PPR league. If there is no value for receptions, then you are not in a PPR league.

  • Is Yahoo a PPR?

Yahoo default scoring system is half-point PPR, while ESPN goes with the standard scoring system. If you are playing on both sites, it is better to find different strategies for each site’s fantasy league football.

  • How does a PPR draft work?

In the PPR draft, the players you put on your draft earns you a point each time they receive the ball. PPR follows the rule of Point Per Reception, which means every time a player receives the ball will earn you a point if he is in your fantasy football league squad.

  • What is the set up for PPR, half PPR, and point-per-first-down scoring?
  • 1 point for every catch a player takes (PPR).
  • 1 point for every two catches a player takes. (Half PPR).
  • 1 point for each First Down.
  • 3 points for each 2 First Downs.
  • How many quarterbacks are you allowed to start each week?

You can take a maximum of two quarterbacks to start your week in fantasy football leagues.

  • Who leads the NFL in fantasy points?
1Josh Allen405.2
2Kyler Murray390.7
3Aaron Rodgers387.1
4Patrick Mahomes II380.3
5Deshaun Watson376.4
6Russell Wilson372.6
7Ryan Tannehill350.3
8Tom Brady350.0
9Justin Herbert342.8
10Lamar Jackson341.7
11Kirk Cousins319.2
12Derrick Henry314.1
13Alvin Kamara294.8
14Dalvin Cook293.8
15Matt Ryan293.3
16Derek Carr281.0
17Ben Roethlisberger277.2
18Matthew Stafford270.5
19Cam Newton269.3
20Baker Mayfield255.8
21Jared Goff253.0
22Teddy Bridgewater252.1
23Philip Rivers251.0
24Davante Adams243.4
25Tyreek Hill241.9
26Jonathan Taylor216.8
27Drew Brees215.4
28Carson Wentz213.4
29Aaron Jones211.9
30David Montgomery210.8
  • Do QBS get points in PPR?

QBS or Quarterbacks position is underrated in PPR systems. They earn you only four points per passing touchdown.

  • Are RBS and WRS better in PPR?

Usually, it is better to start with a WR at flex than starting with an RB. Because they\’re a very lesser chance for an RB to score than a WR in PPR fantasy football leagues.

  • Why are RB more valuable in PPR?

RB, or Running Backs, are the most valuable players in PPR fantasy football leagues. It is because Running Backs have the highest chances to receive a ball in the actual game. Thus the player with the best receiving skills usually earns you the higher points in your PPR fantasy football league.

To Sum It Up

Hope this article helps you by giving all the answers to all of your questions regarding the PPR fantasy league. PPR fantasy leagues are one of the most popular games for audiences in the USA.

So if you are planning to start your own game and compete with your friend in the PPR fantasy football leagues, don’t think too much and go for it. It will surely mesmerize you with its amazing features.

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