How To Make Animal In Little Alchemy 2? Simplest Steps

Animal in the Little Alchemy 2 is created from Life and land life, mountain and life, and mountain range and life. Following an animal little alchemy cheat guide, you can easily make an animal. 

So, if you are thinking about how to make animals in little alchemy 2 you must know the combinations. The next step is to learn about the ways and the right strategy of mixing it.

Thus it needs to be simple and yet a perfect way to get the best animal in the game to proceed forward to make alchemy pets.  

If you are new to the game and want more information, or if you are sharing this with a friend who is just getting started, we go into more detail below that may be helpful. The land is the most useful combination of little alchemy 2 animal that can help you create animals in the game. 

Here is a small combination that helps in the process to create an animal in the game. First, we will have to start with creating land and continent and then move ahead to create animals in the game. 

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Create Land 

  • Mix the Soil with that of the Big and get land
  • Then they mix the Continent along with the small to create animal 
  • Again mix the element of the Earth with the element stone to get land
  • Lastly, mix soil with another soil that is 2 Soil to get the land. 

Create Continent 

  • Mix the Earth as a base element with another earth to create land
  • Finally, you will have to Continent by mixing 2 lands together (Land+Land) 

Here are the sections on how to make an animal after you complete making a continent and then land leading to the making of an animal. 

Top Methods To Create Animal In Little Alchemy 2


Users will have to unlock other creations that you can combine with Animal after creating it through Land and Life to create animal little alchemy 2. However, before diving into the combinations, you might want to look into other ways how to make an animal. 

  • beach + life
  • desert + life
  • forest + life
  • land + life
  • mountain range + life
  • Mountain + life 

Suppose you are about to get involved in the game, you must learn about the process and the animal soup game instructions which can help you with the ways to play the game genuinely. 

Step-By-Step Instructions To Make Animal

The best and simplest way to make Animal in Little Alchemy 2 is to simply combine Land and Life.

However, because Land and Life are not base elements, you must create the necessary elements by combining base elements.

  • Step 1: Drag LIFE from the Elements panel onto the playing board.
  • Step 2: From the Elements panel, select LAND 
  • Step 3: Drop it on the LIFE that you already placed on the playing board 
  • Step 4: Create Life as it is one of the most important elements. Then you will have to combine 2 Fire elements together to create Energy. 
  • Step 5: Once Life is unlocked, you will have to combine it with amazing other elements (Life and Armor, Life and beach, and Life and clay to create Robot, Animal, And Human together)
  • Step 6: Create Animals through the land and life. Thus you can unlock the creations with that of the Animals.  
  • Step 7: Create Sand by mixing Sand and Fire and earth. Once done create stone 

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Walkthrough For Animal In Little Alchemy 2


You can make pig, cow, dog, and sheet music in Little Alchemy 2. And, there are lots of combinations that make the animal in Little Alchemy 2 an important element aspect to enjoy. 

  • earth + earth = land
  • fire + fire = energy
  • water + water = puddle
  • Water + puddle = pond
  • pond + water = lake
  • lake + water = sea
  • earth + sea = primordial soup
  • energy + primordial soup = life
  • land + life = Animal

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you make a pig in Little Alchemy 2?

Creating pig in little alchemy 2 is highly innovative. You will have to mix mud and livestock (livestock+mud)/ (mud+animal)/(mud+cow)

2. What can be the cool things one can make in the game of Little Alchemy 2?

The animals in cool things to make the little alchemy 2 can be made from the brigade, big, axe, bacon, campfire, ham, campfire, life, and primordial soup. 

3. In Little Alchemy 2 how can sheet music get its shape?

With the combination of (music+book)/(paper+music), sheet music can be created in Little Alchemy 2. Before making any combinations, you must look into the procedures with the official hints and the cheat guides. 

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