A Guide On How To Fix Connection Interrupted Cold War Error?

Are you also suffering from the Call of Duty Black Ops connection interrupted cod cold war error? Well let us tell you, How to Fix “Connection Interrupted Cold War” Error?

Immediately after this game’s recent release this problem started and is continuing still now for many. Initially, it was expected to be a minor bug issue in the game, but over time it became much bigger. 

If this error pops up on your screen, then it probably means that you are disconnected from the Call of Duty Cold War server. To fix the \”Connection Interrupted\” Cold War error, try restarting your router and console, checking your internet connection, and ensuring that your game and console are updated to the latest version. If the issue persists, contacting the game\’s support team for further assistance may be necessary.

Just before this error occurs your game will automatically start lagging and immediately after that this message will appear.

There is nothing to worry about as this problem can be easily fixed. Follow our guide to solve this problem.

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What Is “Connection Interrupted” Error In Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War?

The most annoying thing to occur Call of Duty Black Ops is Cold War Connection Interrupted” error, that literally pop-ups in the middle of the game.C

There have been a huge number of complaints against it, ever since the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War game beta was released. And this problem has been lasting till this latest version of the game.

Connection interrupted usually means that the Black Ops Cold war has lost connection to the server.


There were also certain instances where the problems were inside the game and not because something was disrupting the internet connection. 

Causes Of Connection Interrupted Error In Black Ops Cold War

You might be worried about your connection interrupted cold war in Call of Duty Black Ops. There are several reasons for this to happen. 

Most people assume that it is probably their internet connection that is causing the trouble. However, there can be other issues that might induce this error.

Let us now look at the various issues that might cause this problem-

  • Server Issues- The connection error might occur because of server issues. Server issues can range from unexpected outages, scheduled maintenance and overcapacity.
    Maintenance breaks are very often in the game, which might also cause connectivity issues.
  • Home Network issues- It is also important to check if your home network is providing you with enough bandwidth. If other people and more devices are connected to your WiFi then your computer system might not be getting enough bandwidth.

You must get higher speed and better bandwidth to ensure that your game is getting the connection and speed it requires.

  • Weak WiFi or dropping signal- Your wifi signal might drop suddenly which might cause network interruption. It is therefore recommended that you use a direct LAN ethernet cable connected to your pc/console instead of using a wifi connection as they are more stable.
  • Account issues- Many players are unable to play or even get error messages,  not because of server issues but their personal account issues. I

If you are having issues signing into your Activision account or any specific platform, your game might be displaying the same error code. You can initiate a troubleshoot to diagnose what is the problem with your account.

Know How To Fix Connection Interrupted Cold War

If your cold war error disconnected from server pc, then you can try one of these hacks to solve the issue-


  1. Update the game- If your game is not updated to its latest version you will not be able to play it at all. However, you must ensure that everything is updated in your game. 

Also, make sure your PC/Gaming Console is also updated to its latest software version. 

  • Make sure game servers are working- Make sure the game server is working properly. You can check for server updates on their Twitter account and wait till the servers are fixed.
  • Power Cycle the router- Your router might be having some issues for which your connection might not be working properly. The easiest solution is to restart and troubleshoot the router. Know the process to Get Honeycomb In Minecraft.
  • Run a Speed Test- Your internet connection might be going very slow to match up with the game requirements. In case you’re playing on your PC, make sure to run a speed test on your web browser through any speed testing app. 

You need more than 10mbps speed to run the game smoothly.

  • Avoid WiFi connection- WiFi connections might run slower than direct LAN connections. It is suggested that instead of using WiFi you directly connect the wired internet to your computer. It will provide a greater speed and better connection.
  • Un-install and Re-install the game- If you are sure that there is no other issue mentioned above and your game is still displaying the same error message try uninstalling the game and then re-installing it again. This might work. 

Why Does Black Ops Cold War Disconnected From Server Pc Frequently?

Your connection interrupted cold war on your PC might be happening because of several reasons. However, the most obvious reason is an outdated network driver. 

If your Black Ops Cold War is getting disconnected from the server frequently, almost on a daily basis, then it is for sure your faulty network driver. 

To ensure better reliability and improved gameplay and avoid this disconnected server issue you need to keep your network driver up-to-date. 

How To Fix Cold War Zombies Connection Interrupted In COD?

It is not that difficult to solve the connection issue for Cold War Zombies in COD. You need to follow a few simple fixes to solve it-


Fix 1– Check whether your server is active- Sometimes Activision servers may be down or under maintenance, for which your game might show this problem. Wait till the servers are fixed.

Fix 2– Install all updates- Make sure you are updated to your latest version of COD. New updates are released almost every day, you need to update the game version as soon as there is an update to avoid this error.

Fix 3– Use a wired connection- Instead of using a Wifi connection it is better o use a wired connection which will provide you with a better speed and connectivity.  

There are more chances of signal dropping while you are using a wifi connection to play the game. This will not happen while using a wired connection. 

Fix 4– Restart router and Update Firmware-  To get rid of this connection issue restarting your server might be a good option. Sometimes updating the firmware might also solve the issue.

Fix 5– Update the Graphics driver- Your graphics driver might be outdated which might be another reason for your game to show that error message. Make sure to update it to the latest update of your graphics driver.

The easiest way for you to update the Graphics Driver is to download the software tool and make it scan the old drivers. All you need to do is just click on Update all your device drivers.

Fix 6– Reinstall the game- In case none of these methods works you can always try and uninstall the game and reinstall it on your console or PC.

Although it is not sure that the game will run even after you re-install it. In certain cases, the game is found to be running after re-installing it. So you can definitely try this in case no other hacks work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1. Why does it say connection interrupted on Cold War?

If your connection gets interrupted on Cold War and it keeps displaying an error code titled “disconnected from server”, then it means that the game is facing connectivity issues. 

Before this message is displayed you might notice that the game will automatically start lagging. By then you should understand that it is facing some server issues. 

It can happen for a number of reasons that we have discussed in this article.

Ques2. How do you stop connections interrupted in the Cold War?

If you are troubled with the error message of “connection interrupted” while playing on COD Black ops there might be several reasons for that. Although this problem can be solved in a few ways.

You can try the following-

  • Keep the game updated.
  • Make sure Game servers are working
  • Power cycle the router
  • Check the speed
  • Avoid wifi connection
  • Uninstall and reinstall the game.

One of these fixes must surely work to fix the problem of connection interruption in COD.

To Summarize 

In this article, we have tried to provide you with all the solutions to fix the connection interrupted cold war in your Call of Duty Black Ops. 

There might be several reasons why your game might be showing this error, but this is not uncommon. Several users had the same complaints about the game.

And this problem has been persisting since the game’s early launch till now.Follow our guide to solve this problem with a few easy hacks. 

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