Guide How To Make Electricity In Little Alchemy 2

You will have to combine the power of the turbine and wind to prepare valuable Electricity. There are over 700+ combinations that help you make electricity in the game of Little Alchemy 2.

This is how you gain the energy to move ahead in the game. The easiest method to make electricity is to mix metal and lightning, but there are other ways as well.

Thus before you learn about how to make electricity in little alchemy 2 you must know where to find the elements that will make all the difference. 

And to be very true there are about 750+ concoctions that can help you with the game that can help in making the difference.

You will have to find the right strategy that will make you wonder what can be combined to make electricity. 

Electricity happens to be the most important combination that can make it a point to create electricity.

It will get charged up in the form of particles that is much better known as The Power Of The Gods. It is everything that can make the difference with that of the little alchemy light.

Suppose you are looking for cheats and hints to play the game of Little Alchemy, you will have to find them and then prepare them through proper combination so that the game moves ahead. You will also have to create a light bulb little alchemy. 

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What Are The Methods To Create Electricity? 


Electricity is one of the most important elements that is used in the game of the little Alchemy 2 to play the game. 

  • You will have to mix metal and energy (E=mc square)
  • Then you will have to combine solar cell with the sun 
  • Again you will have to mix the wn turbine with the wind 
  • Finally you will have to combine light and solar cell to form electricity 

A Guide To Get Ready With Electricity In The Game  

In the game of Little Alchemy 2, it will help you guide through instructions that can be used to make Electricity.

And, here is a step-by-step tutorial to understand how you can make all the difference. 

  • Land is created when Earth and Earth merge
  • A continent will be formed from two lands
  • Planets will be created from the Continent and the Continent
  • Next, create a puddle by combining water and water
  • Puddles will combine to make a lake
  • An atmosphere is created when planet and air are combined.
  • Clouds are made of water and atmosphere
  • Fires combined into energy
  • Lightning is created when an energy and a cloud combine
  • Lava is created by the combination of fire and earth.
  • Stones are created from lava and air.
  • Metal is created from the mixing of Fire and Stone
  • Lightning and metal combine to create electricity

Know The Recipes Of Electricity In Little Alchemy 2


In the game of Little Alchemy 2, the two most important things are to create electricity and glass.

You must first know how to make light bulb in little alchemy 2 and then use it to create the game. There are multiple recipes that are used to create Electricity as one of the ingredients. 

Recipe Name            Ingredients
AuroraElectricity + AntarcticaElectricity + ArcticElectricity + AtmosphereElectricity + Sky
BatteryElectricity + ContainerElectricity + MineralElectricity + Ore
BlenderElectricity + Blade
ChainsawElectricity + AxeElectricity + Lumberjack
ClockElectricity + SundialElectricity + Time
ComputerElectricity + Hacker
Electric CarElectricity + CarElectricity + Wagon
Electric EelElectricity + Fish
ElectricianElectricity + Human
EmailElectricity + Letter
ExplosionElectricity + Gunpowder
Frankenstein’s MonsterElectricity + CorpseElectricity + Zombie
FridgeElectricity + Cold
GlassElectricity + Sand
Lawn MowerElectricity + Scythe
LifeElectricity + LakeElectricity + OceanElectricity + Primordial SoupElectricity + Sea
LightElectricity + FlashlightElectricity + Light Bulb
Light BulbElectricity + Glass
Light SwordElectricity + Sword
LightningElectricity + CloudElectricity + RainElectricity + Storm
OzoneElectricity + AirElectricity + AtmosphereElectricity + Oxygen
Sewing MachineElectricity + NeedleElectricity + Thread
Solar CellElectricity + Sun
StormElectricity + AtmosphereElectricity + Cloud
Stun GunElectricity + BowElectricity + Gun
Vacuum CleanerElectricity + Broom
Wind TurbineElectricity + WindElectricity + Windmill
WireElectricity + MetalElectricity + RopeElectricity + Steel

How To Walkthrough For Electricity In The Game?

  • Energy is created when you combine air and fire
  • Earth with Fire combines to create Lava 
  • Stone is created by combining air with lava
  • Combining fire and stone 
  • Sand is created by adding air to stone
  • Glass gets formed when we mix fire and sand together 
  • Energy plus metal equals electricity
  • Glass and electricity makes light bulbs 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do you make electricity with a little alchemy 2?

Ans1. Air+ Fire= Energy, Air+ Lava=Stone, Fire+ Stone=metal, Energy+ metal=Electricity is the right way to create the element in Little Alchemy 2. 

Q2. What are some cool things you can make in Little Alchemy 2?

Ans2. Aviary, Axe, bacon, bacteria are some of the cool stuff in Little Alchemy 2. 

Q3. How do you make all elements in Little Alchemy 2?

Ans3. Elements in the game of Little Alchemy 2 are created by mixing all kinds of combinations. There are over 750+ combinations available. 

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