How To Make Flower In Little Alchemy 2 In Easy steps

You have eight distinct options available to you when it comes to combining elements to create a flower little alchemy 2:

  • double rainbow + grass
  • grass + seed
  • garden + plant
  • double rainbow! + plant
  • garden + seed
  • grass + rainbow
  • garden + grass
  • plant + rainbow

You won\’t have to pay anything to play Little Alchemy 2 on your mobile device. The game\’s objective is to produce something fully unique by fusing two completely distinct components, such as Sky or Evil.

The flower is one of the nearly 700 one-of-a-kind elements that may be discovered worldwide in this game. Because it requires several distinct steps, preparing this mixture is not a simple undertaking.

This section will discuss all available combinations and the approach that has proven to be the most effective for producing the Flower element in Little Alchemy 2. Keep reading to know how to create flowers. We have enelisted many ways to create flower. 

Ways To Create Flower


When obtaining a flower in Little Alchemy 2, you have several options. These include:

  • Grass + seed
  • Garden + grass
  • Garden + Plant
  • Grass + Double Rainbow!
  • Plant + Double Rainbow!
  • Grass + rainbow
  • Plant + Rainbow

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Recipes That Require Flower in Little Alchemy 2

Recipe NameIngredients
BeeFlower + Animal
ButterflyFlower + Animal
CatnipFlower + Cat
FruitFlower + RainFlower + TimeFlower + TreeFlower + Water
GardenFlower + ContainerFlower + FlowerFlower + HouseFlower + GrassFlower + LawnFlower + Plant
HoneyFlower + Bee
HummingbirdFlower + BirdFlower + OwlFlower + PigeonFlower + Seagull
LeafFlower + Wind
PerfumeFlower + AlcoholFlower + SteamFlower + Water
PollenFlower + DustFlower + Wind
RoseFlower + LoveFlower + Blade
SeedFlower + Time
SunflowerFlower + Sun
VaseFlower + BottleFlower + ContainerFlower + Pottery
Water LilyFlower + LakeFlower + PondFlower + PuddleFlower + Stream

What Can You Make With Flower In Little Alchemy 2?

As was previously mentioned, the simplest way to produce flowers is by combining a Plant and a Rainbow.

  • Water and water form a Puddle.
  • Puddle and puddle make Pond.
  • Pond and Pond make a little alchemy lake.
  • The land is made up of Earth and more Earth.
  • Land and more land are what constitute a continent.
  • The planet is created with several continents.
  • The atmosphere little alchemy 2 is composed of air and the planet itself.
  • Clouds are created through the mixing of water and air.
  • Fire and fire produce energy.
  • Lightning is created when cloud and energy combine.
  • Lake and Lightning produce life.
  • Soil and animals are both products of the land and its life.
  • Clouds and water combine to produce rain.
  • Plants are made of soil and rain.
  • The sky is made up of clouds and air.
  • Fire and sky produce Sun.
  • The interaction of water and sunlight causes rainbows.
  • The flower is created by combining a Plant and a Rainbow.

Walkthrough For Flower In Little Alchemy 2

Improving other parts of the game requires you to improve the Flower aspect. You will be able to make a Flower in Little Alchemy 2 if you follow all of these steps.

Still, if you already have some elements, you can select a particular element from the aspects panel and then drag it to the playing board, where you have to start creating the flower. If you do this, you will already have some elements.

  • Flower + Animal = Bee
  • Flower + Bottle = Vase
  • Flower + Bee = Honey
  • Flower + Cat = Catnip
  • Flower + Alchohol = Perfume
  • Flower + Blade = Rose
  • Flower + Dust = Pollen
  • Flower + Bird = Hummingbird
  • Flower + Container = Garden
  • Flower + Lawn = Garden
  • Flower + Flower = Garden
  • Flower + Grass = Garden
  • Flower + Lake = Water lily
  • Flower + Love = Rose
  • Flower + House = Garden
  • Flower + Plant = Garden
  • Flower + Pottery = Vase
  • Flower + Pond = Water lily
  • Flower + Rain = Fruit
  • Flower + Owl = Hummingbird
  • Flower + Puddle = Water lily
  • Flower + Pigeon = Hummingbird
  • Flower + Steam = Perfume
  • Flower + Water = Fruit
  • Flower + Stream = Water lily
  • Flower + Tree = Fruit
  • Flower + Wind = Leaf
  • Flower + Sun = Sunflower

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Step-By-Step Instructions For Getting Flower

The combination of the plant and the rainbow is the path that entails the fewest number of steps. Thus it would be the best option to take it. The following is a list of the steps that need to be taken by you:

  • Fire, when combined with itself, can produce energy. Put this to the side for use at a later time.
  • To create land, combine Earth with itself.
  • When you have access to Earth once more, combine it with land to create a continent.
  • To create a planet, you must first combine a continent with itself.
  • Make a sun by using fire and combining it with the planet you found.
  • Create a Rainbow by mixing the Sun\’s rays with some water.
  • Putting aside the Rainbow component for the moment, the next step entails focusing on combining water with itself to create a Puddle.
  • Incorporate some water into the puddle. This will result in the creation of a Pond.
  • Once more, to make a lake, you will need to combine water with the Pond you already have.
  • You will need to add more water to your lake to turn it into a sea.
  • After you have crafted your Sea, you can make Primordial Soup by combining it with Earth.
  • Create life by mixing your Primordial Soup with the energy you have available to you.
  • Create soil by combining your element of life with that of Earth.
  • Then, to create a Plant, combine the element of soil with the element of life.
  • Finally, your Rainbow component and the plant will come together to form a Flower!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you make seeds in Little Alchemy 2?

  • plant + pollen.
  • bee + pollen.
  • time+ flower.

2. How do you make spray paint on Little Alchemy 2?

  • water + rainbow.
  • water + double rainbow!
  • water + pencil.
  • Pottery + rainbow.

3. How do you make evil in Little Alchemy 2?

If you want to create \”EVIL,\” the formula is Human + Pandora\’s Box. Though, by downloading this DLC will do the trick if you need to unlock it automatically.

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