Top 5 Most Viewed Games On YouTube In 2022

Youtube, as the most popular video hosting this year, continues to develop and attracts more and more people of different interests to the site. One of the most popular categories on the resource is computer games. People spend a lot of time watching such videos and live broadcasts and actively support authors who create game content, shoot let\’s plays, and communicate with viewers.

Gaming channels on the site are becoming more and more popular every day. The authors\’ videos get millions of views, and if you are planning or would like to have your own channel on this topic, then be prepared for the competition. In addition to understanding which games are in demand and viewed, you will have to study working promotion strategies and even spend some of the budgets to buy YouTube subscribers. With a competent approach to promotion and the creation of a database of viewers, you will have more chances to become a famous player. But the main goal is to understand which let’s plays are watched most often. We will tell you about it in the article.

Minecraft – one of the first games that appeared on YouTube and won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. It became the most famous thanks to such authors as PewDiePie and Ninja. Surprisingly, more than 11 years after the creation of Minecraft, the game is still relevant and collects good online. It breaks records, and in a year it can collect several hundred milliards of views.

Users really like to watch how players build houses, survive, take care of animals, use various resources and create author\’s worlds. If you are an expert in the world of Minecraft and can show incredible gameplay, it\’s time to create an author\’s account and try to turn a hobby into a profession.

It is difficult to imagine a list of the most famous and viewed game content without Fortnite. The format of the royal battle became the most popular in 2019 when every streamer discussed this game. Fortnite is constantly being updated and the creators of the project are adding new content that does not let viewers and content authors get bored. A few months ago, the developers introduced a new format \”without construction\”, and this gave the game a new life. Now fans of gamers are watching how they survive, pump the skill and train the aim.

The game has become popular not only on YouTube, but also on other resources, such as Twitch. Fortnite occupies a leading position in the list of the most viewed categories. And if you are confident in your abilities and can show a great game, we advise you to start doing it right now. Get the necessary equipment, study SEO optimization, buy YouTube subscribers cheap to be competitive and design the channel. You will not need to spend a lot of money, effort and time if you decide to become a streamer for the royal battle or zero build. Your videos can become popular because of the right choice of game and cool skill, do not miss this opportunity!

Grand Theft Auto V has become not only the best-selling game of all time, but also the most famous and viewed on YouTube. The developers presented the project back in 2013 and for 9 years it has not lost its relevance and charm. The platform is filled with videos like \”GTA 5 compilation\”, which have received a great response from the audience and billions of views. 

Unlike other games, GTA can create different types of content. Some authors shoot clips about how to complete tasks quickly and without problems, while others post content with memes or show what funny situations happened to them during gameplay. GTA was and remains one of the most important games of streamers, which guarantees the authors an excellent online and a lot of views, likes and comments.

Roblox is a platform where users can show their talents as a developer. This means that you can create your own projects and share them with other community players. This distinguishes Roblox from others and therefore it is one of the trends in video hosting. Viewers actively follow how other people create games, evaluate their content and broadcast their gameplay live. 

With Roblox, you will be able to surprise viewers with novelties from the gaming industry, share valuable knowledge on creating your own projects and have fun with fans by logging into the same server with them.

League of Legends – a multiplayer computer game in the MOBA genre, which is also one of the most viewed and well-known on the platform. LOL is considered one of the most popular and downloaded PC games, and its audience is about 100 million people every month. Players choose their champions, are assigned roles and go to attack the enemy base, which is located on the opposite side of the field. Their main goal is to destroy the opponent\’s key object. 

The gameplay is tense from start to finish. That\’s why the let’s plays on the game are gaining so many views, and thousands of people watch live broadcasts from competitions for esports athletes.

That\’s it! Of course, these are not all projects that receive millions of likes and views on YouTube, but we have selected the 5 most popular ones with which any beginner can become popular in hosting. And if you do not plan to become a popular author of the game channel and just want to have fun, evaluate these games yourself to understand which one is the best for you. Good games!


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