How To Make Philosophy In Little Alchemy 2?

The answer to how to make philosophy in little alchemy 1 is combining humans + idea makes Philosophy.  To tell you the truth, philosophy is one of the most difficult things to manufacture in Little Alchemy 2, but once you\’ve accomplished this goal, acquiring products such as Big and Small will be much simpler.

Examining the world, its mysteries, and the things surrounding it are all components of a philosophical approach.

Thinking about the wonders of the universe is not something you merely have to do in real life.

However, to live a life similar to this in the real world, you must first master the recipe for how do you make philosophy in little alchemy 2.

When you consider Philosophy in the actual world, it is nothing more than an idea or a mental process in your head; hence, how does one construct it inside a game?

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What Ingredients Do You Need To Make Philosophy In Little Alchemy 2?

To put it another way, one of the most challenging components of how to get philosophy in little alchemy 2.

This is all since so many different things need to be created before you can obtain the two components necessary to create Philosophy.

Because of this, we\’ll divide it into three distinct paths, and depending on how far you are into the game; you\’ll have the option to select whichever one best suits your preferences.

Making A Human

To begin, you will need to manufacture a human being. To accomplish this, you will first need to produce Pressure by combining Air with Air; then, you will need to combine that Pressure with Earth to produce stone.

After you have stone, you can make clay by combining it with Mud, which is created by mixing water and Earth.

Making An Idea

The creation of an Idea is the next stage along this path in Little Alchemy 2, which leads to the production of Philosophy.

Creating a light bulb and then fusing it with a human being is the method for accomplishing this goal.

Making Philosophy From Story And Human

There are two other paths to get philosophy little alchemy 2, in addition to the one we covered earlier.

The second approach will similarly use Humans; rather than an Idea; we will be focusing on Stories this time.

Ways To Create Philosophy


Philosophy is one of the unusual items that can be crafted later on in Little Alchemy 2 once the game has progressed.

Before you can make it, you need to figure out how to make humans first. Only then will you be able to make it.

  • Human + idea
  • Human + idea
  • Chicken + Egg

What Can You Make With Philosophy In Little Alchemy 2?

Philosophy can be used in the game to create various one-of-a-kind objects. Some examples of this are as follows:

  • Philosophy + House = Container
  • Philosophy + Science = Idea
  • Philosophy + Lava = Heat
  • Philosophy + Grave = Death
  • Philosophy + Universe = Big
  • Philosophy + Ant = Small
  • Philosophy + Wind = Motion
  • Philosophy + Gold = Alchemist

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Step-By-Step Instructions To Make Philosophy


This is the quickest route to Philosophy, yet getting there will still need you to complete a few stages along the road. To begin, you will need to create life.

  • The land is what you get when you blend Earth with another Earth.
  • Land and more land are what constitute a continent.
  • When combined, continents are from the planet we know as Earth.
  • An atmosphere is composed of air and the planet itself.
  • Clouds are formed through the combination of water and air.
  • Energy can be created from both fire and fire.
  • Lightning is created from the combination of energy and cloud.
  • A puddle will be created after Water and Water combine.
  • When you multiply a puddle by two, you get a pond.
  • When combined, the ponds will become a lake.
  • In the final step, combine Thunder and the Lake to make life.
  • After that, you will need to create a Human to complete the Domestication phase and go on to the next one.

Mud Is Created When The Earth And Water Combine.

  • Lava is created by combining fire and Earth.
  • Stone can be created by combining Lava and Air.
  • Clay is made out of Mud and stone.
  • Humans will be created from clay and life.
  • Combine the components listed above, Life and Land, to produce soil and animals.
  • Domestication is created when animal and human elements are combined.
  • In the end, you will have to make Chicken and Egg so that they can be combined to make Philosophy.

Bird Is Created When Animal And Air Are Together.

  • The combination of two birds will produce one Egg.
  • Chicken is going to be made from Bird and Domestication.
  • At long last, it\’s possible to produce Philosophy by combining Chicken with Egg.

Recipes That Require Philosophy In Little Alchemy 2

Recipe NameIngredients
AlchemistPhilosophy + Gold
BigPhilosophy + GalaxyPhilosophy + Galaxy ClusterPhilosophy + PlanetPhilosophy + Solar SystemPhilosophy + SunPhilosophy + Universe
ContainerPhilosophy + BottlePhilosophy + BoxPhilosophy + BucketPhilosophy + HousePhilosophy + PotteryPhilosophy + Safe
DeathPhilosophy + CorpsePhilosophy + GravePhilosophy + GraveyardPhilosophy + Skeleton
HeatPhilosophy + Lava
IdeaPhilosophy + PhilosophyPhilosophy + Science
MotionPhilosophy + RiverPhilosophy + StreamPhilosophy + TornadoPhilosophy + Wind
SmallPhilosophy + AntPhilosophy + BacteriaPhilosophy + BeePhilosophy + Carbon DioxidePhilosophy + ConfettiPhilosophy + OxygenPhilosophy + OzonePhilosophy + PebblePhilosophy + RivuletPhilosophy + ScorpionPhilosophy + SeahorsePhilosophy + Spider

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) How do you make philosophy in little alchemy one?

Human + Story.

Human + Idea.

Egg + Chicken.

Q2) How do you make evil little alchemy?

If you want to create \”EVIL\” yourself, the formula is Human + Pandora\’s Box. However, downloading this DLC will do the trick if you want to unlock it automatically. The combination of soil and water produces Mud. Fire added to fire equals energy.

Q3) How do you make the moon in Little Alchemy 2?

Sky + cheese.

Sky + planet.

sky + stone.

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