How To Make Demon In Little Alchemy 2

To Make A Demon Combine Evil And Immortality. Little Alchemy 2 Offers Players Over 700 Possible Combinations. The Myths And Monsters Expansion Includes 110 Interesting New Items To Mix, Match, And Build, One Of Which Is The Terrifying Demon.

Certainly, We Are All Familiar With Demons Since They Are Prevalent In Movies, Novels, And Video Games. In Addition, They Appear In Certain Songs, And Some Individuals Even Worship Them. Does Not The Word \”Devil\” Sound Intriguing?

Demons Are Supernatural Beings That Live On Evil, To Put It Simply. And Since Most Religions Venerate Gods And Deities, Devils Are Typically Viewed Negatively.

Similarly, Followers Of The Cult Can Also View Demons As Gods.

Nevertheless, There Was A Period When Even The Concept Of Devils Terrified You. At The Very Least, I Was Terrified Of Them As A Child.

Similarly, Horror Is Among The Most Popular Genres In Most Mediums, Including Games, Literature, And Films.

Similarly, Today\’s Topic Focuses On This Wicked Beast. In Truth, The Demon Element Will Be Obtained In Little Alchemy 2. Therefore, Do You Believe In Them?

Demons Are Also Regarded As Dangerous So We Will Proceed With Caution. And If You Are Afraid, Do Not Fret Because We Are Present.

Let Us Instead Concentrate On All The Elements We Can Gain With Demon.

Before We Begin, We Shall Examine The Essential Components Of Little Alchemy 2 How To Make Demon.

Also Included In The \’Myths And Monsters\’ Content Pack Is The Demon Element. Therefore, You Must Initially Unlock The Content Pack.

Ways To Create Demon

Demon And About 110 Other Myths And Monsters Are Exclusive To The Little Alchemy 2 Downloadable Content.

There Are Currently Four Distinct Ways To Create A Demon By Combining Components.

  • Humans Coupled With Hell 
  • Angel And Evil 
  • Evil With Divine 
  • Evil And Eternity

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Step-By-Step Instructions To Get To Demon

Players Must First Acquire Little Alchemy 2: Myths And Monsters To Obtain Demon. This Is Now Available Exclusively On Smartphones For $2.99.

This Will Include Various New Starting Items, Including Good, Evil, Immortality, And Monster. Keep Reading To Learn How To Make Demon In Little Alchemy:

Create Human

While Some Demons Are Born From Evil, Most Are Believed To Be Humans Or Gods Who Have Become Bad.

Moreover, Every Person Has A Positive And Negative Side. Therefore, They Become Demons When Their Evil Nature Begins To Dominate More.

Little Alchemy 2 Hence Requires Human To Get The Demon Element. Humans Is One Of The Essential Items In The Game; Having Them In Your Inventory Can Be Useful.

In Conclusion, The Following Methods Will Assist You In Acquiring The Human Element:

  • Fire + Fire Equals Energy
  • Water + Water = Puddle
  • Puddle + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Water = Sea
  • Sea Plus Land Equals Primordial Soup
  • Primordial Soup With Energy = Life
  • Earth Plus Fire Equals Lava
  • Soil With Water = Mud
  • Lava + Air = Stone
  • Dirt With Stone = Clay
  • Clay + Existence = Man

Consequently, You Have Gotten One Of The Most Fundamental Components In Little Alchemy 2, The Life Element.

It Appears That Our Tutorial Will Be More Valuable Than Anticipated!

Create The Pandora\’s Box


Have You Heard About Pandora\’s Box? In Addition, It Is A Greek Mythology Relic That Housed All The Physical And Emotional Curses Against Humanity.

The Subsequent Opening Of Pandora\’s Box Unleashed All Evil And Spawned Demons. It Is Evident Why We Need The Pandora\’s Box Component To Obtain The Demon, Right?

But Before Obtaining It, We Must First Collect The Container Element. And Container Requires The Creation Of Certain Of Its Combinations.

Build Container

The Container Element Is One Of The Most Intriguing In Little Alchemy 2. In Addition, It Requires The Philosophy Element, Which Can Make It More Challenging To Get.

However, The Container Element Can Be Easily Obtained As Demonstrated Below:

  • Stone + Fire = Metal
  • Stone + Stone = Wall
  • Wall + Wall = Residence
  • Metal + Soil = Plow Soil + Plow = Field Field + Building = Barn
  • Fire Plus Life Equals The Phoenix
  • Phoenix + Phoenix = Egg
  • Barn + Egg = Chicken
  • Egg + Chicken = Philosophy
  • Philosophy Plus Residence = Container

Now That You Have Container, All You Need To Do To Create Pandora\’s Box Is Combine It With Good.

In Addition, After Obtaining The \’Myths And Monsters\’ Content Pack, The Good Element Becomes One Of The Basic Elements.

Briefly, Combine Container And Item As Indicated Below To Create Pandora\’s Box:

Container + Good = Pandora’s Box

Wooh! Now That We Are One Step Away From Holding Demon In Our Hands, Are You Not Scared?

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Create A Demon

Little Alchemy 2 Is More Than Simply A Game; It Is A Location Where People Can Realize Their Ambitions.

And Perhaps You\’ve Always Desired To See A Demon In Person. Similarly, You Will Ultimately Be Able To Do So Upon Acquiring The Demon Element.

Combining Human With Pandora\’s Box Yields Demon As Follows:

Human + Pandora\’s Box = Demon

Congrats! We Successfully Secured One Of The Most Intriguing Components Of The \’Myths And Monsters\’ DLC Pack.

But If You Did Not Like The Abovementioned Strategy, We Have You Covered.

Alternative Ways To Create Demon


Little Alchemy 2 Is About Creativity And Imagination, As You Already Know.

Little Alchemy 2 Allows Players To Utilize Their Creativity To Discover New Ways To Complete Tasks, Much Like We Do In Real Life.

Therefore, There Are Numerous Ways To Acquire Demon If You\’re Interested. And The Following List Summarizes Everything:

  • Evil + Anger = Demon
  • Evil + Deity = Demon
  • Evil Plus Eternity Equals Demon

We May Now Utilize The Demon Element In The Next Section Of Our Guide. Therefore, Let\’s Not Spend Any Time And Immediately Begin, Should We?

Recipes That Require Demon In Little Alchemy 2: Myths And Monsters

Following Is A List Of Recipes That Call For Demon.

Recipe NameIngredients
DjinnDemon + Desert Demon + Dune Demon + Magic Lamp Demon + Sand Demon + Sandstorm Demon + Tornado
GoblinDemon + Small
HellDemon + House
HellhoundDemon + Animal Demon + Dog Demon + Wolf
KappaDemon + Lake Demon + River Demon + Stream Demon + Turtle
MaraDemon + Darkness Demon + Night
OniDemon + Monster
TenguDemon + Bird

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Make Kaiju In Little Alchemy 2?

Dinosaur + City.

Dinosaur + Skyscraper.

2. What Can You Make With Quicksilver In Little Alchemy 2?

Quicksilver Combined With The Philosopher\’s Stone Dlc Creates Gold.

3. How Do You Make Smoke In Little Alchemy 2?

Earth + Gas.

Water + Campfire.

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