How To Make Evil In Little Alchemy 2?

Unless you want to add some excitement to the environment you are constructing; Little Alchemy 2 demands you to combine several materials to make new ones.

To introduce conflict into your world, you must introduce Evil. The post will detail how to create Evil in Little Alchemy 2, so if you are a newbie, it will be really useful.

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Making Evil In Little Alchemy 2

How to make good and evil in little alchemy 2? At this point, generating Evil may seem complex, but don\’t worry;

we\’ve got you covered; the following stages will take you through downloading the Pack, creating Evil, and building new elements utilizing Evil.

Downloading Myths And Monsters Content Pack


Downloading the Myths and Monsters Pack on Android or iOS is the first step. Both procedures for downloading have been addressed.

For IOS Users

When iOS users launch the Little Alchemy 2 app, a store icon will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. If you tap on this icon, a new window will appear on your screen.

For Android Users

When Android users launch Little Alchemy 2, the store icon and other menu items are displayed at the bottom of the page.

The open popup contains the option to purchase the Myths and Monsters Pack for $2.99.

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You can pay either by returning to the main window and buying the Myths and Monsters pack from there or by tapping the small purple bag on the main window\’s information page to purchase this Pack.

After payment, the Myths and Monsters Pack is immediately available for use.

Accessing The Elements In Myths And Monsters Pack

You will have access to basic aspects such as Immorality, Good, Monster, and Evil after installing the Myths and Monsters Pack.

Regarding immortality, consult our Little Alchemy 2 immortality tutorial to understand how to create it.

After installing the Myths and Monsters Pack, you will gain access to the following objects, heroes, and animals.

  • Baba Yaga is a terrifying older woman (Supernatural being)
  • Cupid, the ancient Roman Deity of love, is one of Valentine\’s Day icons.
  • A curse is the invocation of a supernatural force that inflicts damage or punishment.
  • Guardians protecting and frightening away bad spirits, gargoyles
  • Heaven is the abode of supernatural entities such as gods, angels, souls, and saints.
  • Kraken – A marine creature of immense size and strength, comparable to Octopus Mjolnir – Thor\’s hammer.
  • Pandora\’s Box – Is a Greek artifact whose opening releases physical and emotional curses onto humanity.

Creating Human In Little Alchemy 2


Creating a human is not particularly difficult; all required is knowledge of the necessary stages.

Creating a human begins with the combination of Earth and Water to form mud and concludes with the combination of Life and Clay.

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There are multiple steps in the middle, but you need not be concerned because we have included them all in the formulas below.

  • Soil with water = mud
  • Fire + Fire Equals Energy
  • Earth plus fire equals Lava
  • Air + Lava = Stone
  • Stone with Dirt Equals Clay
  • Water + Water = Puddle

Creating Pandora\’s Box In Little Alchemy 2

How to make box in little alchemy 2? The next phase is to produce Pandora\’s box, combining Air and Fire to create Smoke and Chimney and Santa to produce a present (Pandora\’s Box). The intermediate steps are shown as formulas below.

  • Human + Immortality = Deity
  • Air + Fire = Smoke
  • Earth + Earth = Land
  • Land + Land = Continent

Creating Evil In Little Alchemy 2

Now that you have produced Humans and Pandora\’s Box, the next step is to combine them to create Evil.

  • Human + Pandora\’s Box = Evil

After Unlocking Evil, there are a variety of more amusing combinations that may be created.

There are a few of these combinations listed here, but you can always consider more possibilities.

  • Evil + Angel = Demon
  • Box + Evil = Pandora\’s Box

Easiest Way To Make Evil In Little Alchemy 2

You may make Evil in Little Alchemy 2 by getting the Myths and Monsters Pack, which includes Evil among its four basic ingredients.

However, if you want to have fun while playing Little Alchemy 2 and adapt as much as possible, the following guide will be useful.

The primary objective is to create Humans and Pandora\’s Box, as these two things are required to create Evil.

This initially appears simple but becomes challenging in the long run. Before delving into the intricacies of producing Evil, the following tutorial discusses in detail the processes of creating Humans and Pandora\’s box.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the 9 hidden elements in Little Alchemy 2?

Doge, Keyboard cat, Nessie, Ninja turtle, The one ring, Yeti, Narrative, Mountain range, and Tardis.

2. How do you make a Little Alchemy 2?

Rain + Smoke, Smog, Illness, or City = Acid Rain.

3. How do you make a monster in Little Alchemy 2?

Frankenstein\’s monster:

corpse + legend.

corpse + lightning

4. How do you make Pandora\’s box in Little Alchemy 2?

Gift + Deity.

Containers + Goods

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