How To Unlock Taishan Mansion In Genshin Impact

If you are a fan of Japanese video games and you play Genshin Impact, then you must want to know how to unlock Taishan Mansion In Genshin Impact.

In the game Genshin Impact, Taishan Mansion is nothing but a domain location. You can unlock Taishan Mansion, but in order to do that, you have to solve a puzzle when you reach Jueyun Karst Lake.

But many gamers actually do not know the process of solving the puzzle, and what to do when one reaches the lake. But now the worries are over because here in this write-up, I am going to tell everything about unlocking the Taishan mansion in the game Genshin Impact.

So, let’s start!

First Pillar In Jueyun Karst Water Puzzle

You will find the Jueyun Karst Lake in the east of the Tianqiu Valley. You will need to drain all the water in it, which may take some extra time as the lake is too large and it could be a bit hard to find out the process. And this is needed to unlock the secret spot called Taishan Mansion.


Here you will see that there are two pillars inside the lake. These pillars are the keys to unlocking the domain. To unlock the domains, you have to interact with these two pillars.

So this is it! If you want to know how to unlock Taishan Mansion in Genshin Impact, you have to interact with the two pillars in the Jueyun Karst Lake.

The first one among the two pillars is at the northeastern-most area of the Jueyun Karsten Lake. In order to reach there, you have to fight and win against three waves of foes including Slimes, Treasure Hoarders, and Hilichurls.

Do not forget to use the elemental reactions to knock all of them down faster. After that, you have to open the treasure chest. Then you can go near the pillar. Interact with it using the glowing orange button which you will find at the top.

Once you do it, half of the lake water will be drained and you will see the second pillar.

Second Pillar In Jueyun Karst Puzzle

You can easily identify the second pillar from its glowing orange runes. There will be a rock too on it. It will be surrounded by several small pagoda-type statues. You need to fill these statues with shining orange rocks which you will find around the lake.

You can identify them from their big black-colored flowers with glowing orange bits in them. Once you are done with this, next you have to find out how can you touch the pillar in which there are orange runes in a circled shape.


When you will break the luminous rocks that are available around the lake, the pagoda-type statues will start to glow. Break those rocks and run to these statues taking the rocks in the inventory.

Now you have to activate the pillar in the mid-circle. As soon as you do that, you will be able to move to the next step of the game. Do not forget to collect all the treasures, buddy!

The Taishan Mansion Domain Unlocked

Now as the part with the two pillars in the lake is completed, a new shining door will appear. The players have to move through it after taking the precious chest. Interact with the door to open it.

Now all the domains of the Taishan Mansion are accessible to you.

The Taishan Mansion Guide – Location

The Taishan Mansion is located at the Liyue and it is closed to Minlin Region. It is located under the water of the Jueyun Karst Lake, which you have to drain by interacting and activating the two pillars in the lake. After this, the door to the Taishan Mansion will appear to you.


The Best Team For Taishan Mansion 

Once you enter the Taishan Mansion, you will need a great team of Genshin Impact Characters. It is not hard to form a good team. But it is hard to form the best team. But I am here to help you with my best team. I am sure that you will not regret if you use this team.

  • Lv 80-C0 Keqing, 1800 ATK, Thundering Fury – 4 set with the Black Sword, 61/175% CR Rate/dmg, 6/6/4 talent.
  • Lv80 C3 Xinqiu along with random set-Berserker, Gladiator with 80 Festering Desire, 6/6/8 talent, 31/144 CR rate along with DMG.
  • C0 Qiqi for healing purposes.
  • Lv87 C6 Fischi with 4 set Thundershooter and Slingshot, 40/131 CR rate/dmg, 1550 ATK, and 6/9/9 talent.

Taishan Mansion Underwater – Some Tips

Here I shall talk about some important things which you will have to keep in mind before going for the Taishan Mansion domain.


Before you try to go underwater and open the Taishan Mansion domain, make sure that you are at level 27 of the game Genshin Impact. If you are below level 27, you will not be able to open the Taishan Mansion.

Forget about swimming underwater as this feature is still not available in the game.

All you have to do is to drain the water of the Jueyun Karst lake bay interacting and activating the two pillars inside the lake. First, interact with the first pillar at the northeast-most area of the lake and reduce half the water, then activate the second pillar and reduce the whole water.

Always collect the precious chest before proceeding and always make a good team in the Taishan Mansion domain.


How do I unlock the Taishan Mansion domain?

You have to reduce the water of the Jueyun Karst Lake by interacting and activating the two pillars of the lake in order to unlock the Taishan Mansion domain.

How do you solve the puzzle in Taishan Mansion?

If you want to solve the puzzle the Taishan Mansion Puzzle, just drain the water of the Jueyun Karst Lake by interacting with the first pillar of the lake at the northeast-most part of the lake, and then by activating the second pillar which you will find at the center of the lake after completing the task with the first pillar.

How do you clear the water in Jueyun Karst?

In order to drain the water of the Jueyun Karst Lake, you have to interact with the first pillar of the lake at the northeast-most corner of it, followed by activating the second pillar which will be visible at the center of the lake once you are done with the first pillar.

To Wrap All Up

Genshin Impact is a world-famous game in Japan and day by day it is gaining more popularity. This is why many people want to know how to unlock Taishan Mansion in the game which is one of the most important parts of this game. How To Go Underwater In Genshin Impact

This is why I have cleared all the questions related to unlocking the Taishan Mansion of Genshin Impact. I hope this write-up will be helpful to all the gamers. All the best! Happy Gaming!

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