Using These Tools, You can Turn Code Snippets into Images

Using These Tools, You can Turn Code Snippets into Images

“Code Snippet” in programming means a specific section of reusable machine code, source code, or even text. According to Wikipedia, code snippets are incorporated into more complex programming structures and modules. Code snippets have various uses, a major one of which is enhancing your codebase’s transparency. Simply sharing code snippets in a presentation, video, or image may not do the job every time. Therefore, if you wish to present code snippets appealingly, you can turn them into attractive pictures. Numerous tools facilitate turning code snippets into stunning images. This article will cover all the best tools and applications to turn code snippets into attractive pictures. Let’s begin. 

  • Polacode

VSCode of Visual Studio Code is a versatile source code editor available on all major platforms. Polacode is a helpful extension of VSCode that allows users to take appealing screenshots of their source codes. The utility implements an intelligent layout on the source code, i.e., it adapts to the pre-existing themes and fonts. To avail of the functionalities of the extension, users first need to install it on their VSCode app. Capturing screenshots of source code using Polacode is very easy, i.e., all the user needs to do is open Polacode, copy and paste the source code in the opened window and click on the round icon present below the dialog box to capture the screenshot. Users can conveniently share the image with other individuals once the image is captured. 

  • Petrify

If you are looking for a practical application that allows you to generate images from your code snippets, Petrify is a great option you can consider using. The resourceful Mac utility uses Dawn Lab’s powerful editor Carbon besides other powerful native features of macOS. Using Petrify, you can conveniently convert your source code into an appealing picture and share it with anyone. The app stands at the top when it comes to ease of use. You need to drag any code snippet you want to convert to a picture onto the app’s icon and right-click to share it with Petrify. Besides this, you can also edit the converted picture and customize it as per your preferences. Whether you want to tweak the font or background or change the theme and spacing, you can easily do it using Petrify’s robust tools. In addition, the application’s export functionality allows you to share the converted or edited source code image anywhere easily. 

  • CodeGraphics

Another valuable utility for converting code snippets into beautiful images and sharing them on different platforms is CodeGraphics. The paid utility allows users to convert normal-looking code snippets into appealing images by simply dragging and dropping the code into the application. Besides this, users also get the option to tweak the images according to their requirements. For instance, if a user wants to change the color scheme or theme of the code-containing image to make it more aesthetic, they can easily do so by using the application’s customization options. Furthermore, users can share the image directly to major platforms like GitHub Gist, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

  • Marmoset

Marmoset is a free application that you can use to convert code snippets into appealing presentation-ready images. The application is exclusively available for Chrome, using which you can obtain a beautiful code snippet image. To take the beauty of the image to the next level, you can use Marmoset’s custom themes and 3D effect features and edit the image accordingly. The application is very straightforward and features a simple interface. It is very versatile as it supports several programming languages. Marmoset offers an exceptional user experience when converting code snippets into pictures, editing them, and saving them on your device. 

  • ShareX

A great Windows-compatible utility for converting code snippets into pictures is ShareX. The application offers many valuable features that make taking screenshots of source code and editing them very convenient. Users can also capture multiple images at once or screenshot a particular portion of the source code using the tool. The best part about ShareX is that it also offers a plugin for all major browsers. This additional feature makes it easy for users of any operating system or device to capture and edit images of code snippets. Furthermore, ShareX is free for everyone and readily available online. Therefore, if you are searching for an application or plugin that makes converting code snippets into pictures convenient, ShareX is a highly viable option. 

The list of applications mentioned above includes some of the best tools you can use to create beautiful code snippet pictures. Apart from increasing the appeal, turning code snippets into images also increases the relevance of content in some cases. For instance, if you write articles or blogs on programming modules, inserting images of code snippets makes it more convenient for your readers to understand the syntax, structure and application of the language.


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