Can You Split The Screen And Play Battlefield 1

If you are a Battlefield 1 player, then you may want to know how to play splitscreen on battlefield 1?. To talk about Battlefield 1, this one is one of those great classic shooter games.

But generally, you cannot split the screen of the game Battlefield 1, and thus you cannot play this game on multiplayer mode, because for multiplayer mode, splitting the screen is necessary.

But is not there any way to play the game on multiplayer mode? Is not there any other ways to split the screen of Battlefield 1? Check the full article to know.

How To Play Splitscreen On Battlefield 1

Before answering this question, let me tell you that can you split screen of Battlefield 1?

can you split screen of Battlefield 1

Many people found that there is no split screen mode when they try to play the game in multiplayer mode. So they started asking is there split screen in Battlefield 1.

To be frank, there is no option to split the screen of Battlefield 1, and the reasons are good enough –

  • Whether you win the game or not highly depends on what is your position in the game. If people get to know where you are, then they can beat you easily. That is why if your opponent can see you where you are, they automatically come to a better position in winning the game. And if you play in the split screen mode, you cannot hide your position.
  • Moreover, the split screen viewing always affect the view of yours and harms your quality of playing the game. You will not be able to see the maps properly if you play in split screen mode because the maps are huge.

But then what to do if you want to play this game in multiplayer mode? Is there any way to do that?

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is there split screen in Battlefield 1

Fortunately, there are other ways using which you can enjoy the multiplayer mode of the game Battlefield 1. One of them is playing the game in LAN mode.

LAN mode is a great substitute of split screen mode for playing a game in multiplayer mode.

When you play the game in LAN mode, you can make a private connection to play the game with other gamers. LAN mode is available for both consoles and PCs.

If you want to know that if the split screen will be available in Battlefield 1 in the future or not, let me tell you that split screen mode is such an option which is no longer popular among the gamers. Nowadays, people tend to avoid the games which has split screen for multiplayer mode. That is why, I do not think that the developers of Battlefield 1 will introduce this mode in future.

Split Screen For PS4 & Xbox One

Now I shall talk about whether Battlefield 1 PS4 split screen is available or not.

As I told you, battlefield split screen is not available. But you can play the game in multiplayer mode. There are six multiplayer modes in the game. Conquest, Operations, Rush, Team Deathmatch, Domination, War Pigeons. A new mode have been added to these six modes. That is called Frontlines.

There are 4 classes to choose to play Battlefield 1. Those are –

  • Assault

This class has to play the most important role in the game. This class has the responsibility to destroy the enemies. This class have the special anti-vehicle weapons, anti-tanks grenades, dynamites, AT rocket guns, and anti-tank mines.

  • Medic

You can guess the duty of this class from the name itself. The members of the medic class heal their teammates. The only primary weapon assigned to Medics is the semi-automatic rifles. Medics have health packs and syringes by which they perform their main duty. Medics can revive the dead teammates too. In this case, they use the syringe.

Split Screen for PS4 & Xbox One
  • Support

They kill enemies by the light machineguns. Support class supports their teammates in killing enemies, repairing vehicles, and resupplying ammo.

  • Scout

Scouts have only one weapon, Snipers. A Scout’s job is to give his team a long-range covering fire. But this class is often gets misused by many players, as per my opinion.

And if you want to know whether there is a Battlefield 1 split screen for Xbox one or not, the answer will be, there is no split screen for Battlefield 1 for Xbox one either.

Battlefield 5 Split Screen

After the launch of Battlefield 5, many people started asking can you play Battlefield 5 split screen? Many people even ask how to do split screen on battlefield 5?

And the answer again comes with a disappointment. Battlefield 5 cannot be played in split screen mode.

Though the game has a 4 player co-op mode, split screen is not there in Battlefield 5. Split screen is such a thing gamers do not want anymore, so the developers did not feel like to put this option in the game.

Battlefield 1 – Offline Multiplayer

Battlefield 1 PS4 split screen

Does Battlefield 1 have offline multiplayer? This is one more question people often ask.

No. Battlefield 1 does not have offline multiplayer. The game was designed as a first person single player game. To play the game in multiplayer mode, you need to have an internet connection.

But if you ask can you play Battlefield 1 offline, then I have a positive answer for you. You can always play Battlefield 1 offline, but then again you have to play the game in single player mode.


1.Does Battlefield have split screen?

No. The game Battlefield does not have split screen feature. It is a single user game. But people can join the game if they play the game in multiplayer, but in this case they have play the game online. There is no multiplayer for this game’s offline version.

2. Can Battlefield 1 be played coop?

Battlefield 1 cannot be played co-op. because for that you will need split screen which is unavailable in battlefield 1. And there are no chances that the developers of this game will add split screen in the next updates, because the split screen feature is getting obsolete in the whole world. People are avoiding games which has split screen for the two-player mode.

To Finish All Up

Battlefield 1 is a great first person shooter game. But it is a physical game, which means you have to insert the game disc in order to play the game. Many people around the world still often ask that is there a split screen option for the game by which you can play it with your friends too.

But there is no split screen mode in the game. But one can play the game in multiplayer mode, but then he or she have to play the game online.

Here in this article, I have cleared all the queries of people related to Can you play Battlefield 1 split screen? and I hope whenever your friends will ask you the same, you will be in a better position to answer their question and to make them understand why there is no split screen for Battlefield 1.

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