Llamas In Minecraft- How To Ride A Llama In Minecraft Gaming World

How to ride a Llama in Minecraft? Well, a Llama can be very useful when you are playing the Minecraft game. Llamas are quite strong and sturdy as animals and you can use them as a system of transportation in the Minecraft gaming world.

In the world of Minecraft, Llamas are neutral mobs that you can find out in Savanna Plateau, windswept hill, and in the biomes of Savanna. When you are amid Minecraft gaming, you have to tame a Llama if you want to ride it. Now, you must be thinking of how to control a Llama in Minecraft.

See, taming or controlling Llama in Minecraft is not at all a hard job to do. You just have to be aware of the process. That’s it.

In this Minecraft guide, you will find the complete information that covers how to ride a Llama in Minecraft, how to tame a trader Llama in Minecraft, how to breed a Llama in Minecraft, and many other important details.

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How To Ride A Llama In Minecraft- Nintendo Switch, Playstation, And Xbox

Do you know the best part about Llamas in Minecraft? Like the horses, Llamas can not only be ridden but also be decorated beautifully. That is why the players of Minecraft love these animals so much. Now, you must be wondering about one thing. How do you ride a Llama in Minecraft?

How To Ride A Llama In Minecraft- Nintendo Switch, Playstation, And Xbox

Let’s see how you can ride a Llama in Minecraft.

  • So, now if you are playing on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation or Xbox, you first, have to find out a llama to ride it. You can find it out in the biomes of Savanna, Forests, and Hills of Windswept. If you can’t find one, you can use cheats and summon a Llama or you are also able to try a spawn egg.
  • The next step is to feed the animal that you have found out. Feeding is one of the fastest steps of taming a Llama. You have to have 5 hay bales or 10 kinds of wheat if you are trying to feed these animals. You have to keep the Hotbar full of food in from them when you are feeding the Llama.  
  • Now is the time to mount or ride the Llama. You have to ensure that there is nothing in your hand when you are trying to ride them. Remember you have to try riding several times with empty hands.

Tip For You: How To Ride A Llama In Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition)

Players who have Minecraft Pocket Edition, have to keep the pointer on the Llama and select the button ‘Mount’ if they want to ride the Llama.

  • For Nintendo Switch Players- select the ZL button to ride.
  • For the PS3 and PS4 Players- select the L2 button to ride.
  • For the Xbox One and Xbox 360 Players- select the LT button to ride.
  • For Windows 10, Java, and Education Edition Players- right-click on the animal itself to ride.

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How To Tame A Trader Llama In Minecraft- Is It Different From The Normal Llamas In Minecraft?

Well, you have to break the lead that is between the trader Llama and the wandering Llama. Only then, a trader Llama can be tamed and rode. Now, the fact is after breaking the lead, you have to do the same process to tame the trader Llamas that you did for the regular Llamas. 

So, if you are thinking of how to tame Llamas in Minecraft, I am quite sure that after reading this section, you have your answer. When you want to tame an animal, you have to feed it, make it feel safe, and finally ride it. Llamas in Minecraft are also no exceptions.

You have to try to ride the Llamas several times. When they are tamed, you can see the hearts appearing on the screen. It means that they are tamed now and you can control it without any worries.

Can You Put A Saddle On Llamas In Minecraft?

Several players, after taming and riding Llamas in Minecraft ask this question. How to put a saddle on a Llama in Minecraft?

Now, I have bad news for you. In the gaming world of Minecraft, you won’t be able to put a saddle on a Llama. Minecraft does not allow its players to put a saddle on a Llama.

Can You Put A Saddle On Llamas In Minecraft

Llamas in Minecraft are sometimes quite confusing animals. You can’t control its movement but you will attach a lead to a Llama. With this lead, you can force it to follow you.

You have to keep in mind that the moment you connect a lead to a Llama, the entire herd of these animals will follow you. They will make the shape of the caravan. Well, you should keep all Llamas together in Minecraft. They can survive as they can attack with their spit. Quite ingenious, isn’t it?

Process Of Breeding Llamas In Minecraft

Now is the time to think of how to breed Llamas in Minecraft.

Well, if you want to breed Llamas you have to tame two Llamas at first. Now, you have to put them together by connecting the leads to them. The funny thing about the Llamas is that you have to feed them to start the process of mating.

Get hay bale and show it the tamed Llamas. Don’t have any hay bale? Gather 9 kinds of wheat and make one. Once the tamed Llamas see the hay bale, you can see that the hearts are appearing between the two. It means they have mated and you will soon have a baby Llama. Funny, right?

In a few minutes, you can witness a baby Llama near its parents.

How To Feed A Llama In Minecraft

So, the next question is what do Llamas eat in Minecraft? How can you feed them? Llamas in Minecraft eat wheat and hay bale in general.

Feeding the Llamas in Minecraft is also an easy process. You have to keep a Hotbar in front of Llamas with the selected food. The game control will vary. It depends upon the version of Minecraft you are playing.


  • How Do You Control Llamas?

Well, the process of controlling Llamas in Minecraft world is not so complicated. At first, you have to visit the pen several times. The goal is to make the Llama feel that you are not at all a threat to him.

To achieve your goal you have to feed it, replace its water and clear the manure. But, you have to also make it feel that you never pay attention to it. That is how you can control the Llamas in Minecraft.

  • How Do You Put A Chest On A Llama In Minecraft?

Putting a chest on a Llama depends on the Minecraft versions you have. If you are using the pocket edition of Minecraft, you have to place the pointer on the Llama and make a right-click.

After that, you have to choose the ‘Attach Chest’ option to put a chest on a Llama. As for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, you have to press the LT button on the controller. If you are a player with PS4 and PS3, you have to press the L2 button that is on the PS controller.

  • Where Do People Ride Llamas?

People in the region of Andes Mountain usually ride Llamas as pack animals. However, in recent days people in the countries outside South America have started to ride Llamas, and it has been gaining popularity day by day.

  • What Do You Put On A Llama In Minecraft?

You can put a chest or a carpet on a Llama in the gaming world of Minecraft. But, you have to tame a Llama for that. If you have to put a chest or a carpet on Llama, you have to right-click on it.

Then you can see the items that you can put on the animal. When the items are in the chest, the Llama can carry them. You can decorate the chest with the carpet.

To Sum It Up

That is all for today. I hope you have understood well everything that you need to do to ride a Llama in the Minecraft gaming world.

These animals are quite good at carrying loads. That is why taming and riding a Llama in Minecraft will make your game easy. So, best of luck and happy gaming!

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