5 Expansive Company Logo Ideas

What\’s more exciting than starting a new business? You believe your innovation is the start of something big, and why not?

After all, 50% of Unicorn companies began in the United States. Your business could be the next, but you need to start strong. Some creative company logo ideas will launch your business with a bang.

So, if you\’re not sure how to create the best corporate logo, keep reading. We\’ll show you 5 types of logos that will set you on the right course.

Start With the Basics

Inspiration comes from many sources, but if you\’re stuck, start with what already works. For example, study the different types of logos in the same field as your business. Then, ask yourself what makes them special.

Also, have a look at some of your clients\’ logos. Try to imagine the thought process that went into creating these types of logos. Do they have cultural meaning or a grasp of their industry?

Next, search for the latest logo design trends online. Try to see which ones will remain fashionable for a long time. After that, take a breather and let all the influences sink in for a while.

Then, when the creative juices start flowing, start experimenting. You never know when a doodle sketch will turn into a creative logo image. Or, start with a free logo maker and see what you you come up with.

5 Company Logo Ideas

Any good corporate logo relates to the industry in which it resides. So, it\’s important to keep your creative logo design simple. Here are five types of logos for you to consider.

1. Iconic

Some of the world\’s most memorable company logo ideas are simple images. They resonate with customers because the business has built its brand around them.

The prime example is the famous swoosh. We all know which company that represents.

2. Typeface

Choosing the right font can speak volumes about a business. For professional services, even a single initial with a chosen font will do the trick.

Try changing the angle of a letter. You can also use styling to give the logo more cultural meaning. Pictures inside letters are very effective.

3. Shadow and Light

Some businesses can use color as a relevant hook to the logo. For example, a creative logo in agricultural products would be green.

Then, like the letter example, the shadowed areas of the image could depict the product. Again, think of the famous panda bear image. Even in black and white, it\’s memorable to everyone.

4. Graphic Design

Shapes and lines can project an idea of what your business is about. Angles and positioning create a sense of movement.

Geometric shapes like arrows or circles are some favorite logo design trends. This type of corporate logo works well with the transportation industry, for example.

5. Photographic

Nothing states a product clearer than a simple photo or drawn image. For example, anyone can guess what business you\’re in if your corporate logo is a lightbulb.

Often, the name is also incorporated into the image. This is a clever use of space, but it needs a practiced hand to get it right.

Start Creating

No matter where you begin with company logo ideas, try everything first. The more you experiment, the greater the chance to hit on a creative logo that bursts off the page.

Starting a business is a fun time in your life. So why not make the corporate logo design part of the fun?

So open up your creativity and let it escape. And, if you enjoyed this article, come back for more helpful tips.


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