How Big Is A Chunk In Minecraft

If you are a Minecraft player, the question of how big is a chunk in Minecraft might have come to your mind a thousand times. You have seen the term while loading the screen or pressing the F3 menu. But you are not so sure about the chunks, right?

Here in this article, we are going to tell you about chunks in Minecraft. What chunks are exactly, how big they are, how large is a Minecraft chunk, and a lot more? So go through the article very carefully if you want to know more about chunks of Minecraft.

How Large Is A Chunk In Minecraft

How Big Is A Chunk In Minecraft

To answer the question of how big are Minecraft chunks, let us give you a proper idea about them. A chunk is a 16×16 block segment and about 256 blocks tall.

The world generation code of the game uses these chunks to break the game world into multiple segments so that they can be easily mapped out by the game engine.

Generally, chunks are measured in at 65,536 blocks, which might seem quite a small in a game world of 30 million blocks, but these chunks take a big part in making the foundation of any Minecraft seed.

How Many Blocks Is A Chunk In Minecraft

To answer of the question how many blocks per chunk in Minecraft, let us tell you a chunk is total 16 blocks long, 16 blocks wide, and 256 blocks tall, and there are 65,536 total blocks.

How Big Is A Chunk In Minecraft

This chunk will generate around you when you first enter the game world. You will see generating new chunks as you will wander around.

How To See Chunk Borders In Minecraft

If you do not know how to check chunks in Minecraft, let us help you with the solution.
If you are using the Java Edition, then you have to press F3 + G as the command to show chunk borders if you want to see the borders.

As an alternative option, you can press the F3 key to open the Debug screen in which you can see the X, Y, and Z coordinates of the player. You will see these coordinates move when the player changes his/her position.

How Many Chunks Does A Player Load

If you are playing in the multiplayer mode, then you will see a grid with a default inradius of 10 chunks, which is a total of 441 or 21×21 chunks is loading around and is sent to every single player as default. But you can configure this to 3 to 15 chunks if you want to.

How Big Is A Chunk In Minecraft

How To Find Chunk Borders In Minecraft Bedrock

There is an easy way to check chunk borders in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Follow the steps below to find out how to find chunk borders in Minecraft Bedrock.

  • At first, you have to gather 1.5 stacks of any kinds of leaves.
  • Then as the second step, you have to place a line of 40 blocks consisted of leaves.
  • Now go in to 7 blocks from any end of the line of leaves.
  • Now start placing another line of leaves from the 7th block and make it 40 blocks long, which should be perpendicular to the first line you made.
  • Now toggle the video settings option Fancy Leaves.
  • Now place any block at the next to the last leaves block in any of the lines. But do not put the block on the near intersection end of the two lines you made.
  • Now you should see the graphics have changed in a part of that line’s leaves. Mark the border out by using some other block.
  • Now repeat the step 5 to step 7 at the other line of leaves.
  • Now you should see that two borders have been marked out. Connect these borders. Next, you have to identify the two other borders.
  • Now you should be able to identify the other chunks nearby.
  • So, all you have to do is to identify the chunk borders is, to check the graphic change very carefully in between the lines of the leaves. You can exploit the Fancy Leaves video settings option in order to do that.


  • How many diamonds are in a chunk?

You can find 3.097 diamonds there in every single chunk.

  • How many chunks is 128 blocks?

A chunk is 256 blocks tall and consists of 16×16 blocks. Normally a standard map of Minecraft will show you an area of 128 by 128 blocks. As a ‘single’ chunk means 16 blocks, therefore 128 blocks mean 8 chunks.

  • Is it a chunk 16×16?

If you put it normally, then a chunk is 256 blocks high. It consists of a 16×16 block segment in the Minecraft world.

  • How many chunks stay loaded around a player?

If you are playing Minecraft in multiplayer mode, then you will see a default inradius of 10, which is a total of 21×21, or 441 chunks is loading around and being sent to each of the players as default. But you can always configure this to 3 to 15 chunks according to your requirement.

To Sum All Up

Minecraft is one of the best online games you can play. You can play it in either single-player or multiplayer mode. And when you enter the game world for the first time, what you will find are chunks.

These chunks are the essential things to play the game Minecraft. You need to understand the use of these chunks, and you have to know how to use these chunks very well to play the game successfully.

We hope, we could help you out with this article of ours on chunks of Minecraft. We hope that the concept of chunks is now clear to you and you can play the game with full knowledge. All the best! Happy gaming!

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