The Gravity Method: Dynamic Bodyweight Strength Performance

If I had a nickel for each moment that I’ve heard people say that they can’t train because they\’re either short on equipment, or can’t afford a gym membership I would’ve been retired 10 years ago. the restrictions that folks place on themselves, particularly lately are much too prevalent. Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a fitness addict, or a weekend warrior this post goes to be one you’ll want to read until the top.

What Is Overlooked…

It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a competing athlete at the very best level, or a beginner, bodyweight training should be an integral part of your training ingredient’s list. Too many people on both ends of the performance spectrum neglect bodyweight strength and performance and this is often an enormous limiting thing in terms of their gains.

I’ve been training athletes and high fitness personnel now for 14 years and that I will tell you that once I get a trainee started the primary thing I do is start putting them on the trail towards mastering their own body resistance. Without this foundation, they\’re getting to be limited in numerous other ways…particularly within the movement spectrum.

After years of coaching, I might even go thus far on even challenge a number of the simplest lifters on how well they will perform bodyweight movement. the rationale says this is often because I’ve seen many athletes from all kinds of sport which will maybe squat and bench press some pretty damn good weight, but in terms of their athleticism (in many cases) their movement isn’t far more impressive than Jabba the Hutt.

The ape-man here generally boils right down to the very fact that a lot of lifters are creating a niche between their ability to maneuver free weights with certain major lifts and what they\’re doing to enhance their body’s ability to regulate and initiate a movement that\’s fluid and dynamic. Without the latter there\’s less overall control… and masterful mobility is inhibited as a result.

What Is Needed…

Of course, the bread and butter of a sensible bodyweight strength program should contain push-ups, squats, lunges, and pull-ups. However, once these are handled by the trainee to a high level of satisfaction then we will start introducing variations of those movements so as to challenge a trainee to regulate their body in far more advanced ways.

Onnit Zombie Bells

Once a trainee has developed a sound level of body control and core stability through mastering the quality push up and squat then we will introduce another more complex movement to show a trainee to harness their strength with a better level of coordination and skill. this will be done once we start to insert movements that are performed within the transverse plane of motion. Case in point…
As you\’ll see with this seated lumbar twisting drill the main target is more about controlling the body during more advanced rotational movement. this needs a better level of coordination and stability so as for a trainee to tug it off, but the important value to me is that it maps out a kind of movement that\’s neglected by many who just spend all their time lifting within the same restricted patterns.

The value of bodyweight strength is that much of it enables us to develop a solid feel and a baseline of control during a closed kinetic chain in order that once we do attend an open kinetic chain movement with lifting a weight we are better ready to initiate a better level of control and stability. the power to really feel resistance may be a sign of true strength development.

In that previous video, I used to be getting to demonstrate a way to introduce more lumbar rotation in additional advanced bodyweight strength. Likewise, we will also implement more rotational movement in a different way while challenging the mobility and stability of the shoulders. this is often a cool little shoulder pivot drill to assist you are doing just that.

Once again there\’s an excellent level of coordination and skill required to tug this tiny monster off. in fact the drill is advanced enough, but if you only want to focus solely on the movement and integrity of the shoulders you\’ll omit the push-up portion of this drill. For that just pivot from right to left to focus more on bridging the hips to the sky and stretching the shoulder of the grounded hand.

In Conclusion…

The point of all of this is often that gravity can provide everything you would like so as to assist you to inject a better level of movement, stability, and control into the material of your educational program. in any case, the goal is to be ready to handle the weight with both grace and confidence and to not develop to some extent that we resemble moving like Jabba the Hutt!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about how you\’ll leverage the free resource of gravity to assist you to realize your most desired gainzzz. Don’t be shy about posting up within the comments below. What quite bodyweight strength movements are you including in your training?

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