Virtual networks are powerful and affordable alternatives to having dedicated servers. Not only that, but virtual networks are becoming stronger and more customizable these days. The problem is that they are still expensive if you are paying for services that you don’t need.

Many websites and business owners just try to get the strongest virtual network that they can, but the truth is that it’s better to stay within your specific needs to cut costs. Here are a few things to consider if you want to make you\’re hosting more affordable.

Bandwidth And Disk Space

How much bandwidth and disk space do you really need? This is one of the biggest factors that you must consider because you can easily spend $100 or more extra a month for having too many virtual resources.


Disk space is the easiest to figure out because this refers to the number of files that you have on your virtual network. Just check your server now and see how much memory your files are taking up. While you should leave some extra room so that you can expand, it doesn’t make sense to have too much disk space. For example, if your files are just 10GB, then it would be a bad decision to pay for 30GB of disk space.

Bandwidth refers to the amount of information that is transferred to and from your server every month. This is a little harder to figure out because it’s often variable. One month might require 20GB of bandwidth while another might need 50GB.

It matters how large your website is and how many visitors you get. You can often figure this out by multiplying the size of your website by the average number of visitors and the common amount of pages that they visit.


You can also buy a managed virtual network that only charges you for the bandwidth that you directly use. These virtual networks are a little harder to find, but they can be great for cutting costs while maintaining your website and internal network.

Network Hardware

Most hosts allow you to choose how strong the hardware is on your virtual network. If you are using a smaller virtual network, then you can probably just choose the RAM and number of virtual CPUs. Larger networks often let you choose the CPU’s speed.

Better hardware leads to better results. More RAM allows your virtual network to load more information at once. Additional CPUs allow your network to quickly process data for faster loading.

Choosing the right amount of hardware depends on the number of visitors that you have and what you intend on doing with the network. If you have many visitors but your employees are doing relatively little with the network, then you can use a small to moderate amount of RAM and CPUs.

If your employees will be using Web-based programs and constantly working with the network, then you’ll need much stronger hardware.

Network Speed

Customizable virtual networks also allow you to adjust the network’s speed. This is often split into public and internal network speeds. The public network is what your visitors will see when they load your website.

The internal network will be for your employees. If your website is relatively light, then the public network should only be 20 to 40Mbps. Going any higher will result in extra charges. If your website is fairly large, then you might want to upgrade to 60 to 100Mbps so that visitors can quickly load your website.

Your internal network follows similar rules. It largely matters on what you need your employees to do. If they are always on the network and using advanced programs, then you need at least 100Mbps to allow them to work without lags. If the network is occasionally accessed, then a sparse 20 to 40Mbps should be fine.


You must customize your virtual network so that you don’t spend too much money on your hosting. If your host only offers rigid packages, then ask about customizing the package or choose another host. This will keep you from spending money on extra power that you don’t need while keeping profits as high as possible.

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