What are the Best Personal Birthday Gifts?

Overall, the gifting market continues to grow year on year, and has done even against the uncertain economic climate that consumers have faced in recent years. 

Because times are tough, people are intent on ensuring that special occasions such as birthdays have that additional edge to them.Of course, there is a temptation to say that, by their very nature, all gifts that we give are personal in relation to those receiving them.

However, ‘personalized’ gifting remains popular, and is one of the biggest areas of growth within the sector as a whole.

We looked at the best ideas for personal birthday gifts, and at what makes them so special.



All of us have aspirations. Some of us want to leave our job and work for a better company or boss, some want to earn just a little extra money in order to be able to take a family holiday, and some want to take part in an exhilarating experience.

such as a skydive or driving a sports car around a race track.

While you may not be able to organize either of the first two for a friend or loved one, you do have the option of facilitating the latter, which is probably something they always talk about but feel they will never actually do.

It might even be worth getting together with other friends or family in order to pay for the best experience possible, which will make for a truly memorable day.

Best Personal Birthday Gifts?


The market for girls’ dolls has picked up somewhat in recent years, as parents begin to turn their backs on technology products on the fear that their children are growing up too quickly.

A doll can be a deeply personal gift for a girl, from early childhood, through their teenage years, and even for a young woman if it is of the collectible variety.

In terms of younger recipients of such dolls, not only will they be receiving a plaything, they are also being introduced to a new friend who can share their experiences and grow up happily alongside them, understanding.

The frustrations young people can go throw and being the good listener that they so often need.

Although such gifts are personal in that way, they can also often be customized and given the person’s name or even be made to look like the person, although some people may find this a little on the creepy side!

Home Products

Personalized messages on products for the home are a thoughtful gift idea that is perfect for birthdays, as well as anniversaries and other occasions.

A pair of champagne flutes, for example, etched with a person’s name and a special message will take pride of place in many a home.

Perhaps the only downside to such gifts is that they may become display items only, and never actually be used for drinking from!

While all gifts are personal in some way, there are ways to add a thoughtful touch, whether that be through the gift itself or the message that comes along with it.

Give a personalized gift to a friend or loved one on their next birthday, and see for yourself how much it means to them.

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