How to Build Backlinks for Blogger Tips

Do you know why building your backlinks is so important?. If you have a new blog and nobody knows about your blog, then one of the best ways to tell people that your blog exists, up and running is by building backlinks.

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Building backlinks is not only will tell search engine that your blog is up and running but also the way you build your backlinks will tell Google the quality of your blog.

But before we start to learn why building backlink is so important, the first most important thing that we should understand about what is backlink and how can building backlinks help blogger to promote their blog.

What Is Backlink?

A backlink is a hyperlink that links one page to another page. The hyperlink is a link that when someone clicks the link it will open a new tab or a new browser window and jump to a new page, or website, or blogs.

Take a look at the example of hypertext link bellow;

<a href=\”\”>keywords</a>

it will show this link keyword

And the click-able word in hyperlink with white background is called hypertext link. Then the best way to get backlink using hypertext link is by using anchor text.

Anchor text is a hyperlink of words or words that are visible and clickable that are relevant to the landing page.

Anchor text is weighed high on search engines.  If you want your page to weigh high on search engines then your anchor text must be relevant to your page title not necessarily have to be exactly the same but still relevant so it will look natural to search engines or it use to called SEO backlinks.


Take a look at an example bellow on how to use anchor text;

<a href=\”\”>Tips Using Meta Tags for Blogger

You can see from the above anchor text example .

I used the word tips, use, meta tags, blogger that relevant to the article title words. Especially with the word tips and blogger where it is already optimized in the domain name, meta tag description, and also meta tag keywords.

Create your backlinks using anchor text to weight high on search engine

Create your backlink on different top level domain such as .com,.org,.net,,.info,.us and so on.

Increase the number of backlinks to your index page when the numbers of your articles increase.

Create a post on a web 2.0 blog with an automatic backlinks creation after every time you publish your post that is created on the related post that is generated from your feed.

Use free dofollow blog finder blogging tool to find high quality blog and create quality backlinks.


From the above tips you can see that I emphasize on creating high quality backlinks from high authority website. Try to avoid creating backlink from low quality sites or low pagerank nofollow free or dofollow websites.

If you just need to generate traffic then you can create backlink by commenting on blogs that are nofollow blog, and please remember creating backlink using anchor text have different purpose from creating backlink to generate traffic from the referral link. Creating high quality backlink will help you to get good traffic from search engine.

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