5 Ways To Get In-Tune with Your Body

Sometimes it’s easy to feel out of touch with your body. In this busy life, little things like creeping weight gain, increasing anxiety, stress, or minor medical ailments can take you by surprise. When you are in tune with your body, you can often head off or mitigate these problems before they begin. You will then be in more control of your wellbeing, enjoying a healthier body, clearer mind, and a peaceful spirit. Here are five ways you can begin the journey of self-discovery. 

1. Meditate

Simple meditation and mindfulness practices are a good place to start for those new to the mind-body-spirit relation. Greater knowledge of yourself and your environment, a sense of centeredness in your life, mental calm, and contentment are all advantages of meditation. There are several different types of meditation, some of which are linked to spiritual values and some that are not.

Try a few to find one that suits your values and level of comfort. Since the benefits of meditation are usually acquired over time, it is important to practice one technique on a daily basis. Still-mind, mindfulness meditation, and yogic meditation are all good beginner meditations. Why wait to start? Regular meditation has been shown to boost mental health and even reverse brain aging, so why wait?

2. Get Exercise and Good Nutrition 

In order to support a healthy mind, you need to try and have a healthy body. Starting a regular exercise routine will not only help get you fit but will also alert you to possible underlying problems you may not have noticed before. If you don’t move much in your daily life and notice, after a period of reasonable exercise, that your back hurts, it may be a sign that you need a chiropractic adjustment. 

Supporting your body includes eating a healthy diet and taking appropriate supplements. Keeping close track of what you eat is an excellent tool to get in touch with your body. Support your nutritional needs with dietary supplements. Multivitamins can target nutrition deficits, while good quality CBD gummies can naturally address pain and inflammation. 

3. Start a Stretching Routine

Stretching provides many benefits for your body. It increases flexibility, improves posture, improves performance during exercise, helps heal back pain, and increases range of motion. It also calms the mind and is excellent for relieving stress. Stretching regularly allows you to examine your body for ailments such as arthritis, strains, and muscle injuries. Stop if it hurts and go slow! Make stretching a habit too. You won’t see much benefit from just one session; a regular, daily routine will help you see the greatest effects. 

4. Open Your Chakras

Yogic chakra practices are similar to meditation but with a greater emphasis on spiritualism and body-mind harmony. Unease, disconnectedness, and unhappiness are all symptoms of misaligned chakras. There are seven chakras, each with its own yogic pose and mantra for help. The chakras help to balance your body\’s energies and harmonize your mind and spirit. This process is well-documented, and you can find in-person centers in most major cities.

5. Start A Journal

Journalling is an excellent way to get in tune with your body and mind. This practice helps boost your memory, will inspire creativity, allows you to self-reflect, and set and achieve your goals. The list of benefits goes on. Journaling is very personal, and there is no wrong way to do it. Plus, it doesn’t have to eat up your day. Start by taking five minutes and write down things that you are grateful for. Since journaling is so personal, use it as you see fit but stick with it, and you enjoy the many benefits. 

You can head off many problems in your life with a little introspection and self-examination. Don\’t wait to start! It will take a little discipline but getting in tune with your body is well worth the effort you put in. 


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