Top 10 Best 4k Kodi Addons in 2020

If you know what the 4k Kodi Addons mean, you will know how important they are for the high definition visual effect which you expect from your movies and favorite TV shows. In this article, you will come across the best 4k Kodi addons which are essential to give you the visual streaming satisfaction which you are looking for.

What to expect in this article-

  • What are 4k Kodi Addons?
  • How do 4k Kodi Addons optimise visual satisfaction?
  • Why should you use a VPN while using Kodi Addons ( don’t skip this).
  • 10 best 4k Kodi Addons 2020: Updated List.

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What are 4k Kodi Addons?

The Kodi addons is a free and multi-purpose software application that was created by XBMC( a non-profit technology institute). It has a 10-foot interface for software because of which it can be streamed on various hardware and software platforms via the television and remote control systems.

Through this multi-purpose software application, users can stream their favourite videos, movies, podcasts, music etc., as well as other digital media files from local network sources.

What does the 4k on Kodi mean?

This is the most frequently asked question, the answer to which is pretty simple.

The normal kodi application is free but it comes with a downside. The videos that are streamed through this operation are low quality and buffering is a normal occurrence.

However, by adding 4k to the kodi addon software, the buffering is instantly eliminated and you can view your videos in full definition. Just the way you like it.

How do 4k Kodi Addons Optimize Visual Satisfaction?

The normal free multi-purpose Kodi application does not provide you with optimal visual satisfaction while you are viewing your favourite movies and T.V. Shows. It continuously buffers and the quality of the videos are usually blurry.

However, there is a quick fix to this, which requires a monthly subscription from your side. This is adding on 4k before the Kodi Addon software.

The 4k elucidates a higher definition and clarity to your videos which you stream on the app.

File hosts need revenue to back up their media resources, incorporating the high definition element in your videos. This is not the case with free streaming softwares because the file host is not getting back any solid revenue from the viewership to optimise its content.

Therefore, if you need to pay a small fee which is equivalent to your set top box subscription every month, why not take it?

Why should you use a VPN while using Kodi Addons? (*IMPORTANT*)

How is Kodi 4k content safeguarded  using a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network which is a combination of hardware VPN and software VPN, allowing you to securely connect over a private network site online.

Why do you need to do this?

As you know plagiarism and copywriting is a punishable offence and the free accessibility of the kodi addons software through which you are streaming your videos is exposed to criminal forgery.

At any point of time, you can be sealed in a controversial case regarding copywriting.

However, VPN is your safety net. It allows you to connect your account to a private network online and secure your identity, thereby which you will be shielded from legal scrutiny.

Bypass Geo- Restrictions are another headache while streaming shows on free illegal sites. Some official addons such as NBC Sports, IceFilms, BBC iPlayer, etc., have bypass geo-restrictions.

To unlock this, you need to use VPN.

This is why it is necessary to sign in to a VPN network to optimise your viewership.

Top 10 Best 4k Kodi Addons in 2020

10 Best 4k Kodi Addons 2020: Updated List

Get your best Kodi 4k movies list here

  • The Magic Dragon.
  • Nole Cinema.
  • The Exodus Redux.
  • Scrubs v2.
  • The Crew.

1#) The Magic Dragon

Similar to the Pyramid addon, which I am sure most of you have used while streaming your favorite movies and TV shows, the Magic Dragon has emerged. It uses a similar code to the Pyramid.

It has just about every kind of content enveloped within its jurisdiction. Streaming high-quality movies, videos, music, podcasts, documentaries, radio, cartoons, etc. You name it, and you’ll get it in the Magic Dragon addon.

After all, it is termed as ‘Magic’ for a reason.

Not only this, the Magic Dragon has a separate section with lists on content under the 4k definition streaming. It is definitely a game-changer an a much updated version of the Pyramid.

2#) Nole Cinema

If you are a moviebuff, this is the platform where you can discover your favourite movies. Over 30 genres of movies are streamed under this addon.

In addition to movies, you can watch streaming TV series, cartoons, videos, etc. Since it is a popular add on, you will be given access to the most popular movies which are trending or were classic blockbusters.

Of course there is a 4k addon streaming section for viewing top quality movies with over 200 plus titles.

However, to view this, you need to open a Real Debrid account.

3#) Seren

Using services like Real Debrid and Premium Size, this addon is considered as one of the best 4k Kodi screenings because of its dependence on premium Web scrapers.

Having a default account under Real Debrid or Premiumsize will indicate that you will have unlimited access to 4k streaming movies.

At present, Siren is presented with 4k movies and TV series. Mind you, it is the best of the best.

Having those premium accounts will ensure that you get access to high quality definition movies and TV shows. Your favourite ones.

So, get your popcorn ready and watch iconic movies and TV series under your subscription to these accounts.

4#) The Exodus Redux

This addon which is called Exodus Redux is one of the most popularly used addons for a comfortable viewership journey.

Through the  Exodus Redux, you can come across and view popular movies, TV shows and documentaries.

Just like other similar addons, there is a section under which you can stream your videos under 4k kodi. But there is no visible section on the home screen.

Once you type a movie in, a link to the 4k streaming will appear if that movie, tv series or documentary can be viewed under 4k streaming.

5#) Venom

Depending on next-generation scrapers and being associated with third party services, Venom is making its way up the addons radar.

Mimicking the shell of the addon called Exodus, you can find varied and dignified content here.

Separated from its fellow addons on this list, Venom does not comprise any special segment dedicated to 4k streaming.

Prior to playing the desirable  movie or TV show, you will get access to choosing from several resolutions which includes the 4k streaming.

6#) Limitless

Relatively introducing a new domain to the list of addons, Limitless was primarily accustomed to viewing IPTV channels. Currently it has expanded its horizons into including TV series, movies, cartoon shows and Live Sports.

This addon originates from a repository called the Luxury which is new.

Limitless has a comprehensive section of 90 movies which can be streamed under 4k addon by having a Real Debrid account.

In addition to this, the movies section has been categorized and sub categorised in order for you to narrow down your search and make it easier to access.

7#) IT

A rightful successor to the 13Clowns Video, IT is one of the newest addons to the Kodi list. You can stream movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Cartoons and YouTube music videos.

Like its other successful Kodi addons on this list, IT too contains a special section dedicated to streaming 4k movies. There are over 150 titles to choose from under this category.

All you need to crack this code is a Real Debrid account.

8#) ReleaseBB

This is a newbie in the world of streaming kodi addons and is produced by one person. You can stream TV shows and movies here in abundance.

At present, you can access and choose from over 14 categories of movies and TV shows with high quality viewership.

It also had a dedicated section towards 4k kodi streaming movies.

You can also watch movies on 1080p and 720p depending on your connectivity.

9#) Scrubs v2

Termed as an AIO addon, Scrubs v2 is a recent kodi addon to our list and through this, you can access ample movies and TV shows.

Although this addon primarily deals with streaming movies and TV shows, it also streams IPTV, documentaries, music and much more.

It does not have a dedicated 4k streaming kodi section, but if you browse the title of your movie, you will definitely come across links which might suggest that the movie can be screened under 4k resolution.

10#) The Crew

With this addon you can stream Live Sports, IPTV channels, Fitness Videos, Radio, Stand-up Comedy, TV shows and Movies.

However, it is imperative to use a VPN account because most of the content that is streamed here is copyrighted.

To be on the safer side and avoid any legal complications, it is important that you get a VPN account to stream your favourite videos safely.


Hopefully this informative article has addressed most if not all your questions regarding the kodi addons and their functions. This detailed and updated list will help you choosing the suitable addon which you need to view your favourite content online.


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