Is Mangastream dead? Alternatives to need Replacement

Due to heavy loads from the original publishers or manga comics, illegal manga reading website like MangaStream has gone down. Actually, the manga creators make money from selling mangas in-stores as well as releasing soft copies on the official websites. All these are done via publishing houses.

Due to illegal sites like MangaStream, many publishing companies faced huge losses. So, many illegal websites like MangaStream and jaminisbox made a statement on reedit regarding the discontinuation of scanlations.

These whole thing made manga fans like us quite upset. That’s why in this article I am going to tell you all about all the other websites and apps from where you can read manga comics. In this article I’m going to list all the alternatives of MangaStream.

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Here is the list of all MangaStream replacement:

1#) MangaDex:

This website provides us with a lot of mangas. Not only this, in this website, you can find mangas in different versions, like- the coloured version, alternative fan-fiction endings, official cross-over manga series and a lot more.

The MangaDex website can support more than 20 different languages, which includes German, Italy, Spanish, etc. Now you can just watch your favourite Manga in your own language. This is so cool.

This is not just the end. The website has a full community of passionate manga. In MangaDex, you can create your own group based on specific type of Mangas or can simply follow the existing group. In this group, you can connect with people, discuss about Mangas, etc.

2#) Mangakakalot:

This one is another alternative website from where you can read Mangas. If you are a newbie to the Mangas world, then you definitely need some guide to start.

Mangakakalot is the best place where you will find complete guidelines regarding Mangas. You can find latest mangas very quickly in this site. Mangakakalot is very famous among old readers.

3#) Viz Media:

Viz media is an application that is free for iOS and Android but if you want to read from your PC, then you may have to pay for the subscription plan. This is one of the greatest libraries for all Japanese anime and stories. Within a single app, you can find the whole world of Manga and Anime.

The best thing about this application is that on this website all the animes and Mangas are translated into English.  This one is the best Mangastream replacement you will find.

Some of its best manga covers are- Black Cover, Dragon ball super, Boruto.

4#) MangaFox:

This is another substitute of Mangastream. There is a fake version of this website which is not that bad, but the service is not so good. The fake website is and the original one is

The original website has a coloured theme of white, orange and black. They update new mangas very fast and you can avail them on the same day of its release.

The website is user-friendly and has a clean interface for reading Manga. The website comes with an adaptive zoom for better reading and has an app that can provide a much better reading experience.

The only downfall is that the app is not available in Google play store or apple app store.

5#) MangaHere:

The manga collection found on this website are mainly Japanese mangas but the site also provides some Korean Mangas, Hong Kong Mangas, Chinese Manga, European Manga, etc. MangaHere website has a quite different looks and navigation system.

In the website, all manga collections are classified into different groups and genres. The most unique thing about this website is there is a whole different section dedicated for Manga spoiler and news section.

Any manga lovers can get the latest update about the Manga world in this website. This is so great!

6#) MangaOwl:

MangaOwl is one of the best alternatives of MangaStream. This website releases WSJ sequence episodes before its official release.

The theme color of the website is white and orange. MangaOwl is popular among Manga readers because of its convenient user interface and its well-managed manga database.

The website contains a dedicated genre section which has 52 different options, ranging from motion to Yuri. The website also has a Must Read Section, New Release section, Lattes update section, etc.

7#) MangaPark:

This is one of the most trending and talked about websites of the Manga scanlation. This website has a huge fan base for its best quality service and updated content. The Mangapark is a well-established park for online manga readers.

The website is not at all complex and has a very clean looking manga reading area, providing option for loading up to 10 images per chapter. This helps readers to enjoy their read as they don’t have to load every single page one by one for each of the chapters.

8#) Manganello:

The database of this manga scanlation website is so huge that many manga research engines use manganelo. The website provides a vast amount of manga comics and has different sections, like- Latest Manga selection, Hot Manga section, newest Manga section, and so many.

Manganelo has more than 40 genres and comes up with a very elegant look. The website has a very good navigation system which will help you to navigate the vast content available.

The homepage shows all the latest news regarding mangas. Manganelo has a unique feature of loading all images at the same time, so while reading you can turn off the data and save your net pack.

9#) MangaFreak:

MangaFreak is the website that has an option by which you can download the whole manga and read it with an internet connection. MangaFreak is not so popular among readers but deserves popularity.

MangaFreak has a plethora of high quality manga scans of different genres. The page is not so cluttered and has a very simple look. The website helps you to save you manga research in the history corner.  This helps you to find the previously read manga back without any hassle.

One downfall of the website is advertisements overlap each other and are scattered all over the website.

10#) TenManga:

TenManga is a naïve website and it’s possible that you don’t know about this website. Though the website is new still, it serves us an extensive content database which has been categorised into 55+ different genres.

TenManga also provides us with the option of searching a manga with the first letter or number of its name. There is an option of “completed” section from where you can read the whole manga.

Is Mangastream dead? Alternatives to need Replacement

11#) MangaPanda:

This website is very similar to MangaStream. If you miss the theme of MangaStream, then this website is there to save you.

After entering the site of MangaPanda, you get to explore the wonderful library consisting of 1000s of high quality Manga comics. You can access this website from any gadget- smartphone, tablet, PC.

This online reading website consists of different genres such as adventure, romance, thrillers, crime, and many more. The website also comes with a feature called “surprise me” which helps you a lot when you are confused between a lot of manga comics. This feature will select a manga randomly for you, based on your previous manga interest.

12#) MangaTown:

In MangaTown you can find a huge amount of database of high-quality manga comics. The website is made of completely different design and has a pretty minimalistic look.

       The MangaTown website has almost all manga comic you want to read. The homepage comes with the option of categories, where you can find Hot Manga release, Featured Manga, New Manga release.

In the website, you can search for manga comics based on alphabetical names, views, ratings and latest release.

13#) KissManga:

The website provides us with more than 100000 manga comics. KissManga has tons of high-quality scans of all the popular manga comics.

They update the manga comics get updated as soon as they are officially released. This will help you to get the best possible experience of manga stories. KissManga will also send you notification regarding new release and updates.

To give us a much better experience KissManga has an option to share the manga directly and also to manage their own separate space on the website to group their favourite content. The website also has an option to share your feedback.

14#) Book Walker:

Another best substitute of MangaStream is Book Walker. Here, you can find all the manga comics you want.

 In this website all you have to buy a digital manga comic and you can read it on your kindle. For some of the manga you have to pay and other manga comics you can get without any money.

They also have an app, where you can find a large number of manga comics categorized into various genre, publishers and authors.

15#) Shonen Jump:

Shonen Jump is one of the oldest and popular websites in the manga comic industry. This website has a weekly release section from where you can find amazing mangas, like- weekly Shonen jump.

Shonen Jump also offers a digital version of manga and from the website, you can read up to three latest chapters free of cost. But to read the previous chapters, you have to make a subscription of $1.99.Shonen jump releases the latest chapters and more than twenty manga every week in their WSJ. They also provide the option of English translation of the Japanese manga.

Let me tell you a secret about this website. Shonen Jump is a part of Viz media. So, when you pay for any one of them, you can actually enjoy both the applications just for $1.99.  Plus Shonen jump is available both in apple store and play store.  You just have to install and enjoy reading manga from an official app.


In this article, I have mentioned all the best and top-most official sites and apps from where you can read manga online. All these sites are the best alternatives to MangaStream. Don’t be sad because MangaStream is no more. Just visit any of the listed websites and start reading manga.


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